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Donaka Mark – Man of Tai Chi (2013)
So there's a tradition within Jungian analysis that looks at characters in your dream and says that each one of them is you. There's also an expansion of that tradition to books, to plays, to film, where you identify with some or even all of the characters. Which characters attract you? Which do you feel are most similar to you? Which ones repulse or frighten you? Because I think Jungians would say they're all within each of us, the archetypes. So. Donaka Mark, the "Dark Master" - charming and attractive in a horrible way, insidious, comical, reprehensible. What's the function of "the Dark Master"? To show that "you have it in you"? Tiger learns a lot from Donaka, enough to "win" in the end, hopefully without losing his soul. Is there a Donaka in me? in you? shudder!