neaura's Character Notes

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John Wick – John Wick (2014)
For now, Wick has shown the world that black does go incredibly well with black and puppy killers make for infinitely better headshot targets than zombies.
Alex Wyler – The Lake House (2006)
Borrowing the words of one Mr.Dean Winchester, Alex is so vanilla that he makes vanilla seem spicy, yet beneath the calm exterior brews an incessant storm that craves to add colour to a life ridden with self contempt, angst, despair, abandonment and nonrecognition ,compounded by familial relationships and need for purpose. Little does he realise that the solution to his life's puzzle and search for meaning lies in his own front yard. A beautiful play on the fluidity of time that makes us want to believe in HEAs, the mandatory finale of all timeless romances.

The perfect gentleman, the eternal lover, the object of probably every woman's dreams, the unattainable Mr.Right searching for whom the sensory cells of every gal's eyes have vanished into oblivion. His complicated paternal relationship culminates in a heart wrenching cry. To any fish that hasn't laid eyes on the scene - that is how Homo sapiens react.

Jack Traven – Speed (1994)
With his heart in the right place, brawn, most certainly in the accurate place but the brain sometimes in the wrong place, our Mr.Traven showed the world which was dying slow and hard, choked by ripping muscles and machismo that there is beauty in being a gentlemanly giant.

He also showed the world that, relationships that start under intense circumstances never last, one has to base it on.... Oops, that research has been burried under the ocean floor, thanks to tons of steel.. Bad for Jack, bad for Annie, bad for Sandra and good for Keanu.

Ps. Time for some STH, apparently it's good to be tall.