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Scammers alert

2019-08-19 05:34:11

I had started chatting with Keanureeves8620 on instagram, then he wanted to me to add Google Hangouts (, in which i had created a new email specifically for. Red flags were already flyng. His English was pretty good. He even wanted to video chat on hangouts, which on hi end seemed glitchy so i searched the internet and think i found the video he dubbed.
I kept notes. He asked for whom i banked with and i explained it wouldn't work for him since it was a local credit union. He needed a bigger financial institution. So i continued to play the game. he then wanted to buy me an engagement ring (this guy moves fast) but need me to login into his bank account which he gave me the link Capitalcreditunion.omline - full of dead links, not FDIC or NCUA insured. He even gave me an account number, fortunately i was in a bad area and had little reception but was unable to 'transfer funds' for him. miraculously a couple days later he was taken in by the DEA for drug charges, i did my due diligence and being its a matter of public record found no court cases pending. He claimed all his assets were frozen and only had $20K to sustain hm. The summons was from the Judge's e=secretary not from the CA Superior Court, there were multiple issues, address format, docket format, the format of the court papers themselves was off. He got angry when i wouldn't give him money and advised i could not. i researched everything, addresses, names, courts, etc etc. all of which were wrong. The Lawyer he says is his is Sargine Gabriel Chambers who via google reflects a long list of previous charges against him. the statues listed for the drug charges were also wrong, in which case one was for Fraud.(That seriously made me laugh).
i confronted him again and he got angry but knowing i won't give him money our conversations had died down. I kept all the documents etc. There was only one slip in which he texted a sentence in Thai. I was constantly asking and this guy was up to date on Keanu's whereabouts and what time it was where ever Keanu was. My only actual catch was the sentence in thai, the documents with the bad or wrong information and the dead bank link.

These guys are serious about getting and exploiting money. I am still working on finding his IP address. He even had a good photo shopped pic in whih he held a sign saying he loved me. Be careful, they are working hard to hone their craft. I did contact instagram and report Keanureeves8620 and he either blocked me or instragram was on top of it because the account no longer exists.

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