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Scammers alert

2021-04-28 15:24:24

Hello everyone...I joined because I was doing an email search on which is the email "Keanu Reeves" gave me to find him on Google hangouts. He reached out to me on Clouthub which is a social network primarily for political posts since Facebook and Twitter are so into censorship! Anyway he told me...well here ill just paste the first msg he sent to start communication

"Hello beautiful Kimberly, you seem so amazing thanks for being amazing here on CloutHub, I was actually so amazed to see your profile photo, normally I don't text/message on Instagram, though it's my official CloutHub for chatting, how are you??!! I hope you have seen my movies??"

I wondered why he said anything about Instagram as we weren't on Instagram and CloutHub has nothing to do with Instagram! Anyway..I responded letting him

"Those were very kind things to say...however in all honestly I have a difficult time believing you're who you calim to be, if I'm wrong I apologize.

Of course he responded with another msg the next day. These are like emails in the program.

"Surely it's difficult to believe. But I am truly myself.

Kimberly you are such a lovely woman. I would love to know more about you.

Do you have WhatsApp so we can chat more?"

Then an immediate 2nd msg that said

"Or how about google hangouts??"

I again responded

Im not familiar with either of those apps. Have you even read my profile? I am a very happily married woman and a GRANDMA of a 3.5 yr old" so Im curious why would you find it appropriate for me to go on some other app to chat with you?

I was SHOCKED he actually responded!! Its like he completely ignored what u said! I'll paste his reply too...

"Let me email you now,

So we can always chat.

I have a lot of hobbies, I love swimming"

Ok so I was unaware that my email which is a Google account that I used to register for CloutHub was visible in my CloutHub profile..thank God it wasn't my main address! Because I had no clue how he was able to email me but he did with a link to hangouts app as well as his email address! Now prior to me realizing he had sent this email I replied to him on Clouthub and said

"Im not sure where swimming came up in the conversation but I also love swimming and was on the swim team throughout middle and high school. Question how are you going to email me without my email address?"

He responded of course

"I I love swimming also Kimberly,

Let's chat more on google hangouts. Your email address is part of your profile.Did you get my mail??

Google hangouts is easier and faster"

So this is when I obviously realized he emailed me and how he got my address. Also thought it was so odd that he's the one who brought up swimming in the first damn place and yet he's telling me he loves swimming too as if it was me who brought it up. For those of you who don't know CloutHub..the emails from one person show up as a chat so it would have been EXTREMELY easy for this person to see 1. He started the swimming bs 2. That I had just said I wasn't sure where swimming became part of the conversation and 3 I was acknowledging that I to liked to swim etc. These behaviors as well as ignoring that I said I was a married woman HAPPILY to boot and a grandma...made me well pissed! I appreciate a compliment and I love that I never get guessed for even 40 when I'm 53 but don't assume a long haired blond with a nice smile is an unfaithful wife and will just download some off the wall app to chat with a strange man! Truth be told I am not nor have I ever been a fan of Reeves...nothing personal I just don't know much about him and until this began 4 days ago I thought he was around my sons age mid to late 30s (my two kids are 32 and 36)even my daughter thr 32 yr old thought he looked about her brothers age...hey some of us have that type of daughter looks 16 and my son looks 45 lol even had someone who works with his dad my husband see my son and I at dunkin donuts together tell him I was with another man...he took a pic with his cell to show husband laughed so hard...took the guy to his desk and showed him the family photo of the 4 of us...the guy immediately realized it was our son and his coworkers wife wasn't cheating hahaha anyway point is I assumed he'd see that I was a grandma seeing that happily married didn't scare him off grandma would make him realize IM OLD lol but this freak didn't even acknowledge a word I said!!!

So ladies any of you out there that get swept up by men online especially "stars" a real man that you'd even want in your life ISNT GOING TO ASK YOU FOR MONEY PERIOD! A decent man with any morals ISNT GOING TO IGNORE YOURE MARRIED! And these men who have made it big in Hollywood WHY on earth would they need to go online to find you or anyone to love?!?! NOT once has that ever happened and it will never happen I don't care how beautiful you are or how sent you may very well be...those men can have just about ANYONE they want with little to no effort theyre not gonna seek someone out online and chat with them!! Also why would ANYONE want someone who is so stupid to put ALL of their wealth into one bank or one credit card etc...if my house were to be searched and my account frozen cus of drugs or some other stupid excuse these scammers use have money available elsewhere to support myself until that nonsense was cleared up! Do yall sincerely think Mr Reeves has absolutely no one else in his life of lol that would help him should he find himself in ANY of the situations I've read here where women have given these pathetic scammers money! Learn to love yourselves and respect yourselves enough not to ever let someone treat you so disrespectful! You'll never find true love looking at a screen...if you meet someone online be.VERY CAREFUL and always meet in a public place with everyone knowing where you're going..the license plate of the guy (take your own car) spent the 50 bucks and do a background check! Just be as safe with your life as you would be with your child's!

So this fakes username on Clouthub is (Im copying and pasting

Los Angeles, California, USA

The email he gave me was

His profile on hangouts is (funny there's a Facebook with that address too that I found using the Gmail address he gave me)

I did a tad bit more poking around...its hysterical that ANYONE would believe that someone such as Mr Reeves would actually post tweets and Facebook posts literally begging people to txt him and to go to Google hangouts to chat with him!

Well I hope this additional information will help someone....its NOT the real Keanu Reeves on Twitter, Facebook, CloutHub, Google Hangouts, Skype, or on any other computer program etc and the only girls cell he is calling confessing his love for is his long term girlfriend! Find peace in that ladies and get off the internet there are real men out there looking for the same thing you are!

God bless...

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