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Prince of Pennsylvania

2012-08-13 23:52

That's really kind and sweet of you I.R.A.! Thank you! But the order has already shipped. It should be here anyday now... I also ordered Tune in Tomorrow and Johnny Mnemonic. Slowly stocking the collection :)
Prince of Pennsylvania

2012-08-13 09:35

I just ordered this from amazon, can't wait to watch it soon! It's one of the few KR films I haven't seen so I'm super excited...
Side by Side - a documentary

2012-08-03 23:58

That is fabulous Luca, thanks! I love how they are pushing this film...

My Own Private Idaho.

2012-08-03 23:43

Wow! Wow! Thanks Trinity!

I feel transported back in time by this... lots of emotions.

First he looked amazing when he opened that door, it was like whooooosh whooooaaa!

He also looked much, much older than 23 (I know some people would automatically assume it was his drug use that made him look that way, but I wonder if they would have said that if he hadn't died and they didn't know about his habit).

Ahhh you guys, what a loss. Seeing this is giving me bittersweet pangs.

The opening scene of the clip is of a car driving down the road, it's like it is picking up right where My Own Private Idaho left off, since the last scene was of River getting put into a car and driven off.

Hmm, Utrecht is basically right around the corner from where I live. Since I liked the one George Sluizer movie I've seen (Spoorloos), I might actually go see this movie if I can get my hands on a ticket.

Oh my gosh, Joke you should go! It's the last time you'll ever see a "new" River Phoenix movie released on the big screen.

Keanu's old Toronto Street

2012-07-25 09:25

So putting together bits and pieces of information, I found some old pictures of the street that KR used to live on, and they are from the time that he would have been living there (mid 70s).

He mentioned before that the first street he lived on in Toronto was Hazelton, and also that he lived across the street from a recording studio called Nimbus 9 and used to play with the pinball machine in there. He's also mentioned that his mother was friends with the producer there named Bob Ezrin. So here is a link to some cool old photos of the studio and surrounding street. They're nice, they have a really comforting and nostalgic feeling to them (something that I find with film photography...)

Generation Um

2012-07-19 14:03

@Luca, agree that comparisons are nonsensical.

I'm sorry Arya, did I miss something? Where in Luca's post did she say comparisons are nonsensical?

I was responding to your comment "This is truly THE edgiest movie Keanu has made to date", isn't that comparison, when you position the movie against everything he's ever made before it? I was just having a little discussion, no need to be so dismissive (and indirectly, at that) just cause my opinion contradicts yours.

And Luca, I agree that there is something more allegorical about MoPI, it definitely plays with dreams and surreality. But I was thinking of risky and edginess more of what the actors had to do, and how much they were exposing themselves by doing these roles. Also, in that it is dealing with young, homeless prostitutes hustling in bus station bathrooms and the like and there are some pretty disturbing stories told about some of the hustlers experiences...

Generation Um

2012-07-18 12:20

er, Softie... Luca is a 'she' ;) :)

not that it makes a difference, but still :D

My apologies Luca! lol I know some Italian guys with that name so I just assumed... sorry :)

I still feel like My Own Private Idaho is the edgiest thing he's made. I (unfortunately) know a lot of people who are still squicked out by some of the imagery and acts presented in it. Keanu naked with 2 other dudes, and also running around in a dog collar and cuffs is still pretty risque for a lot of people (since we're on the subject of S&M and bondage ;) To this day I think there are very few hetero actors who would do that...There was a lot of risk for him there.

But Gen. Um is definitely along those same lines of dark lives lived on the fringes of society... GOD I cannot wait to actually hear the dialogue in this film!

Generation Um

2012-07-17 03:08

Do you know if the dvd is an official release? And yes, I like your collage, the sepia tone you chose is really nice.
Generation Um

2012-07-17 01:48

we made the stretch to find the FM scene hot and there's no hearts and flowers there for sure.

We? No 'we' here, Arya. I didn't have to do any stretching, as Jjaks and Freddie were shown to be having fun and enjoying themselves at that moment by the pool. It was presented as mischievous, this was not from what I could see.

in some cultures a belch after a meal is a compliment. just sayin... :)

Lol sure! But I found that gross and ugly in that context. But as Luca said, to each one's own.:) Have you watched it yet, Arya?

Generation Um

2012-07-17 00:55

lets not get all judgmental on what's hot ok? hot is in the eye of the beholder.

Sorry, but I don't think Luca was getting judgmental on what is hot or not. He is just saying (as I was also) that the movie is not presenting this sexual encounter as something sexy. It is what it is, a quick blow job in a dirty bathroom by a drunk prostitute. Now if someone finds that hot, cool, but the point is that the characters are not shown as enjoying this as an emotionally satisfying encounter within the story. (She burps in his face after she is done, to give you a better idea)

did anyone else feel like slapping the guy who dubbed Keanu?

Yes Joke!!! I was so annoyed at him! I'm like, why is he putting on this dopey sounding voice? Clearly, John is subdued and morose, but come on. Poor and lazy choice on the actor's part.

Generation Um

2012-07-16 23:05

No problem, Arya. I saw the screen caps, and yes context is everything! Even without understanding what is being said you will feel just how dirty and scummy and sad that scene was.

And the cat scene is nothing really, he just picks up his cat to bring it to it's food dish and it runs away (there are some screencaps at that site you posted). It's just cute how he holds it, just like Constantine. Also, I feel like he has cat energy, kind of detached and hard to pin down, is only around when they want to be, can never quite tell what they are thinking lol. So it's an interesting interaction to me... if that makes any sense.

I think cats are KR's spirit animal ;)

Generation Um

2012-07-16 22:15

I will settle for the bathroom scene. When were ya gonna tell me about that?

I mentioned that one in my post, but like I said it's not sexy at all. It's rather uncomfortable and seedy, it made me turn away (unlike the scene in Feeling Minnesota). Just warning you. The singing was cute, he was really flat and off key.

Off topic, I've discovered that I really enjoy watching Keanu with cats. It's so cute how he holds the one in this movie like a baby. Then of course Duck in Constantine...

Generation Um

2012-07-16 06:20

... I don't know. All that talk in front of the camera and Mia crying and the girls' attitude while they were walking towards the hotel room... say that maybe they saw their life in its true light. But then the camera seems to have been put aside and when he picks them up from the hotel they don't talk anymore, it's just a heavy silence in that car, and Mia gives John his 'share' for the drive, and it's just... like the poster says 'life could be different tomorrow. Or maybe not.'

Oh, I didn't know that about that poster, that certainly adds some insight to it. I guess, for me it is that there could be resolution in the sense that there is some kind of transformation within the characters...maybe things don't change for them but there is as you say the sight of their lives in its true light. Of course that doesn't necessarily mean it's happy, lol. Or maybe resolution isn't really the right word? I don't definitely had an intimate feeling in that you could sense that these three people were all traumatized in some way and were coming to grips with it. Plus, the end credits (which weren't technically part of the story) had a light hearted feel to them. Gosh all this speculation and discussion is really making me want to see it even more!

P.S. forgot to say I Like it / even without translation /

Me too, it's definitely not typical of today's films. I get the feeling that Keanu is striving to create and be part of films that have a more old school sensibility to them, that are grounded. Henry's Crime was like that, this film's tone was reminiscent of the more gritty films of the 80s and 90s, and then of course Man of Tai Chi, which is gonna be a good old fashioned Kung Fu flick from the sounds of it. I'm excited about this new phase of his career!
Generation Um

2012-07-16 05:23

He's thin but he doesn't look unhealthy in my opinion. Just...troubled and morose lol. Anyway, you've got a lot more self-control than I have, Chiara! I just had to look at him, couldn't resist at all!
Generation Um

2012-07-16 05:03

... someone please tell me why I can't get this movie out of my head. :|

I don't know, Luca but I can't either. It was such a verbal film, I really want to know what was said. I mean, I just sat and watched a whole movie in an incomprehensible language and was still riveted by Keanu. But, I still really want to know what was going on between the three characters, K's character and the blonde girl were particularly intriguing. The other girl seemed more annoying and cliched.

I was also really excited to see Sarita Choudhary's name in the credits, but disappointed that she didn't have more screen time. It's a crime to underuse her like that. I enjoyed that scene with her and Keanu. The tension and chemistry was palpable, despite not knowing what they were talking about (now that's some good acting!). They're both veterans, and now I want to see them together in a film even more! His next love interest perhaps? :)

The end credits were so cute, Keanu singing (flat and off key :) ...and did you guys notice that the photo that guy was holding up looked like Keanu's 1993 mugshot? I laughed out loud at that.

Thank you so much for the link tini!


I can see why he wanted to be part of this. But I can also see why the film doesn't find distributors. It's not today's cup of feelgood soda. On the contrary.

It's definitely got a sorrowful and somewhat seedy undertone ( the bathroom bj scene made me physically cringe), but it seems like there was some kind of resolution at the end, no? It's so funny to be discussing a movie purely on the physical expressions of the actors and not on the dialogue, quite an interesting exercise actually!

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