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Fish should be ignored

2012-10-29 04:19

There were people who said John Wayne and Gary Cooper couldn't act, and they both managed to get Oscars--somehow. There are also great actors who barely even got a "hello" in terms of prestige, like Jean-Louis Barrault or James Gregory. So there you go. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. I don't think all detractors are fish to be bested or ignored. Not everyone is going to appreciate every single thing that Keanu does. Actually, he'd probably do really good work if he ever got the opportunity to do really good work. I feel he's someone who, for whatever reason, isn't/hasn't cultivated his full potential. No matter what anyone says or thinks, he's going to do what he's going to do: which is what is best for his career at that moment. I take the middle way: the things he does that are good, I appreciate; the things he does that aren't I do not.

2012-10-20 22:47

If you liked the book by David Mitchell, you may also enjoy his book "Black Swan Green," which I enjoyed far more than "Cloud Atlas." I read a great deal, so by the time I got to "Atlas," I had burned out on the time-travel/historical novel. That being said, one of my favorite books in this trope is Octavia Y. Butler's "Kindred." This was written decades ago, and is absolutely brilliant. I think I may give "Cloud Atlas" a pass, as far as running out the cinema, but I'm not going to pan it entirely. One of the many unfortunate things about the motion picture industry is that it can take so long to get a project off the ground that it ends up being behind the curve, culturally, sociologically and intellectually. But, that's show biz.

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