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Keanu Tumblrs

2013-12-24 10:57

You guys are really sweet! I had no idea I'd even end up with any followers, so it's good to hear you all enjoy it. <3
Keanu Tumblrs

2013-12-24 06:38

Thanks. :) No, I'm not involved with any other Keanu sites. I post on Tumblr, and I lurk here. That's about it!
Keanu Tumblrs

2013-12-21 13:47

Aw shucks, you guys. Thanks for the shoutout and the love. ♥
Keanu youtubes

2013-05-19 04:47

My name makes you cold but I'll make you warm! Whoahahahaha!

Oh, my goodness. I cannot handle this man.
Side by Side - a documentary

2012-11-03 03:29

I finally got the chance to see Side by Side, and I must say the Oscar buzz is well-deserved. I loved every minute of that doc.

2012-11-03 03:27

Thanks :)

2012-10-31 11:47

I've been kicking around on tumblr for awhile and lurking here for ages, so I decided to finally sign up. I think it goes without saying that I really dig that Keanu guy. :)

I'm also an unabashed Keanuspawn fangirl, so um...there's that, too. LOL


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