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2014-07-24 16:46

Anakin, thank you! You do have a way with words! :)
You captured exactly what I would have wanted to write but I'm not able to put it quite so eloquently and elegantly.
I’m not a diplomat so I would have put it more bluntly and say that it takes some intelligence to understand Keanu's acting.
For instance if the Matrix trilogy doesn't make you "think" and if you see it as pure entertainment then, in my humble opinion, you clearly don’t have any business commenting here.
There are professors at universities using these movies in their classes!!! (so go figure… :-))

My advice: it would be better to visit other sites. Just don't go upsetting people here when you clearly don't get it. PLEASE find some other hobby. Go and harass others, find a Ryan Gosling fan-site, for all I care.
I may not comment here very often but I visit here a lot! Don’t have the urge so much to go and write something but this time, …
Just couldn’t let this one pass!

BTW: I agree with Mme Renard too!

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