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2019-11-03 03:01:04

No thanks. Only Keanu.
Let's have a Matrix thread

2019-08-29 05:05:30

Yes - I think that bullying plays a role in those kinds of violence and that it should certainly be addressed more than it is, but personal responsibility is the bottom line. Everyone feels lonely and isolated from time to time - that in no way excuses violence, and blaming it in films is the cheapest, lowest dodge imaginable.
Let's have a Matrix thread

2019-08-29 04:59:31

So... someone's got to say it: these films do not and have never been a "cultural cause" for mass shootings, Diane Sawyer notwithstanding. They are not a recruiting vehicle for pathetic, hateful losers who call themselves "incels" to justify their murderous hatred for women because they refuse to require the needed (minimal) social skills to have actual relationships.

They are profound, beautiful expressions of what makes is human and the nature of consciousness and love.

Just my opinion.


2019-07-10 19:44:49

I am beyond ecstatic that this is really happening. That said, perhaps I'm [becoming] a curmudgeon but I loathe the paparazzi creeping around and don't want ANY spoilers, dammit. I'm also perturbed by people saying "Keanu shouldn't have shaved his beard! He doesn't look like John Wick anymore!!!" :/

Be excellent to each other.

Fan and non-fan encounters, stories, anecdotes, etc.

2019-06-05 06:30:53

And this is all completely awesome but The New Yorker "article" (aka "inane drivel") is stupid. It's borderline dangerous to put any human being on a pedestal that high, as lovely as he is - and quasi-journalists love nothing g better than setting 'em up and knocking 'me down. Dreadful.

2019-03-21 04:24:20

Some would call "immaturity" a rather charming innocence.
a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2019-03-02 19:51:57

I'm really glad that that sewer [got] shut down. Disgusting.
a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2019-03-02 03:55:55

Unfortunately, fool has morphed on twitter into
"ShitEatShit1" and is posting all kinds if garbage + murder allegations and saying that Fool = Keanu. Reported and blocked. Wow.

Please note that this flurry happens every time Keanu has something big and new going on. Arch, x artists, JW3, B&T3. Sickenjng


2019-01-13 05:14:43

Yes!!! VERY familiar. It's almost as if that was...intentional. ;-)

And I will say this - parts of the film made me REALLY uncomfortable, parts caught me wrestling with morality and ethics, parts of it scared the crap out of me, and...yes, a gem!

I LOVE that it didn't thoroughly try to explain the VERY CREDIBLE science. Love that Keanu doesn't pander to his audience, doesn't spoon feed the big picture.

I've also learned a new word through this: "connectome." Not sure I love it as much as I love "haptic."


2019-01-13 01:48:56

I can't begin to say how moronic those reviews are. Stupid people shouldn't review smart movies. If they were honest, they'd say "we don't know anything about science or morality, so we really don't know how it was" rather than "Keanu Reeves paying a smart guy? How ridiculous! He's Ted Logan!" I am oversimplifying (for any film critics who might read this) but not by much.

2019-01-12 20:55:34

It's wonderful. I won't say more.

2019-01-12 03:33:42

Just saw Replicas. Holy.Shit.
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2019-01-09 00:11:21

So. "Ryan" if you are really connected to ARCH moco, why don't you have an email address there and a link FROM their site?
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2019-01-08 22:06:01

This REALLY is beginning to piss me off.

LOL my ass. Gloves off. I am not "trying to interrogate" you. That would mean you are worthy of that attention.

We will NEVER have a business relationship. You are a
fraud, a cheater and a liar. your website does not exist and is a scam. You are a parasite misusing the name of Keanu's business.

Anakin, is there any reason we shouldn't block this jerk? Thanks in advance.

(and oh yeah, smooth move assuming that ARCH motorcycle can't be bothered to sue your pathetic ass. they've got better things to do, but if they decided to do it: ouch. Karma is a bitch)

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2019-01-08 20:15:00

Those lawsuits will get very expensive.

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