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Let's have a Matrix thread

2017-03-18 22:39:05

*waves* Been gone for a while but not 'gone' - when I heard of the Point Break remake I thought 'oh hell no' and that is exactly my reaction to THIS news too. Bah, I say! Bah!


The Neon Demon

2016-09-03 02:02:58

I absolutely *loved* The Neon Demon possible spoilers ahead

As for KR's role? He has a lot more lines than the rest of the cast. It is visual, it's surrealist with realist mixed in.

The aesthetics of the film are great just for starters and there is more layers to this film than a blooming onion [which are huge for those unaware].

You can take it literal and say, Hollywood chews women up and spits them back out again

You can also think of it as Jesse's dream world. Where she's a real mover, her beauty is taking her to new heights.... that she's really in room 212 but is it possible she's only 13, in room 214, a sight to be seen? VERY possible.

Bronson is still my top Refn film but TND has got to be a close tie. Elle Fanning is a great actress who can say so much simply with her eyes and slight movements. Girl can go a long way... lets hope it doesn't eat her up and spit her out too.

Mifune: The Last Samurai (documentary)

2016-09-03 01:55:40

He sure is!
To the Bone

2016-04-01 05:36:45

I think that a comedy with a serious background can have more impact than a movie that feels like a lecture or a sermon

Yes, yes yes! People really gain a better understanding of a subject, any subject it seems through comedy. Health problems, chronic and poorly understood? Poor outcomes etc people behave in very distinct black and white ways towards the chronically ill.

Humor is also my favorite way of coping with a chronic illness too. Not just for those who don't understand. It makes it highly relate-able.

All chronic illnesses share certain similarities despite being very different. Neuropathy is felt by those with a jacked up spine just as much as it is for a diabetic. No doubt there is a painful rebound effect in anorexia that involves neuropathy pain too.


To the Bone

2016-04-01 04:10:31

There's something - anything - "funny" about anorexia? Director says she's a "survivor" but I'm not sure that's relevant.

As someone who has a whacked auto-immune disorder [CFIDS/FM maybe MS gotta get the test] and who has a 'collection' of sick moms as kids seem to stick together.... any and all chronic illnesses can be laughed at

In fact that's the only way they can't OWN you. By laughing at it, it releases endorphins in the brain too which can ease pain and lift mood. Sometimes the best way to get others to understand an illness is through laughter.

My illness is nothing compared to a friend with neurofibromatosis. Who is getting her miracle surgeries this week. We joke too. If you saw her tumors you'd not find them funny; cause they're not. But we still find ways to laugh. It's either that or go insane.

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2016-01-28 22:45:28

GML wanted his extra 20 mins of Isobel with her family. Honestly 20 more min of dialogue of the Dominican family wasn't going to fix the problems with this film. And the film has problems.

The 1st claim was in Page 6 stating KR was in the editing room. [which was also being retweeted; and @dcsteve could be a private investor or could be a buddy of Linton's who is following direction] The Root didn't make that claim however it still said it was KR's financiers. [curious if GML had his own money and didn't need Reeves financiers you would think he could afford to buy his movie back as claimed with his personal financiers?]

Linton did tweet to be as exact as possible I don't have much to say about that movie except that I feel sorry for anyone who has to watch it

Watch his scenes, his dialogue, just not his 20 mins MORE of Isobel and her family. It wouldn't have fixed the problems with this film. Her story is well understood and the most fleshed out.

Which is why he is just not professional when you add it *all* up.

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2016-01-28 22:25:54

Trying not to speculate too much here; we don't know for sure that GML is behind this.

He tweeted then hid his tweet saying "I feel sorry for anyone who has to watch that movie"

To which I say but you still wrote it all and you still filmed every scene.

He ended up hiding his tweets and why I do hold him responsible to a large degree.

Oh and someone with the last name Linton [his sister I think] was liking/retweeting #DoG info after one critic changed her tune overnight and said she saw the 'directors' cut'

Ani you are being very honorable and generous to GML and I do understand but he doesn't deserve it. I try to be fair and see the good side in people. Kindness has gotten me burned more than once.

The Root stating 'whitewashing' made KR out to be a racist; IMHO does a disservice to those of us who fight for equality.

The Root's Danielle *forgot last name* was interested in a story I gave her that has *real* implications for minorities. Real problems in health care disparity for women and minorities. She mentioned getting back to me after the New Year. She hasn't and I doubt she will. The story I gave her that could have gone to anyone at The Root. Went no where. There was a short window of opportunity for people to comment at the CDC site. Public comments are closed. So she was far more interested in sensationalism than real equality activism.

I write a lot on issues that affect women/minorities and the LGBT community. Since I can be wordy *evidence by this post* often told editors, 'feel free to edit for clarity' a good editor can.

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2016-01-28 03:07:24

Linton is also counting on the fact that the average viewer have no idea that director's never get final edit. Not even JJ Abrams gets final edit. He might get 99% of the edit but not *final* cut. But Abrams as an example, has proven himself with 2 successful Star Trek reboots and one door busting opener of Star Wars.
[When he abandoned writing for Lost by season 3? pfft. His fav overuse of lens flare is my complaint with him. He is teased for it at least.]

GML being a first time director has a clear problem with his ego getting in the way of clear thinking.

The guy had many mentors on hand while filming and to contact for help but the guy wasn't willing to compromise at. all. Which is what one has to do.

The director does pretty much 'run the show' and he was given a gift to direct his own screen play for his first feature length film. It seems to me that he wants a nearly 3hr film in a 90min movie market.

He thought he could buck the system and win. Instead he's likely seeing 'cease and desist' letters from Lionsgate legal dept

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2016-01-28 02:33:57

Rinsch's cut of 47 Ronin.

Yessssssss and too late for GML to learn from Rinsch what grace and professionalism looks like despite studio interference.

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2016-01-28 01:29:38

dcsteve is def a shill. As mentioned access to previously unreleased film stills and coming after anyone mentioning 'exposedmovie'

he tweeted the petition to me yesterday as I mentioned to Lionsgate Legal that critics of Exposed seem to be getting a copy of Daughter of God and changing their mind - all of which are shills so far not seen a truly unbiased DoG review vs Exposed.

fact still remains GML did not stand by his cast/crew and his work. He has done short films in the past and that's about all he had that was 'tightly done' a short film's worth of material that I saw in Exposed. I doubt 20 more mins of dialogue would fix this...
Do we ever even 'see' Joey? Besides as a shadowy figure? Which I will say was an excellent performance by ADA. That scene was powerful as someone whose life experience included similar. First time a movie made me shudder seeing it. [trying to not outright spoil]

Nevertheless, if he won't stand by his scenes and dialogue he shot and wrote whichever edit? Why should he get any damn praise for the good scenes he managed to pull off?

how things "work" in Hollywood

2016-01-05 10:22:45

Notice the line about directors getting final say on editing? Which is why GLM is only cutting his own nose to spite his own face.

Happy New Year!

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2015-04-09 02:23:50

The mobile twitter link and the regular twitter are the same. You can tell by the last tweet, saw it yesterday as I know Henriette a bit as well. Not as well as some of the others though she's really been taking Fool down on her lies, stalking and harassment of fans.
a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2015-04-08 23:00:59

Hey Mme, thanks. I tried to give the short-er version and yet still too much text. *sigh* I am wordy though.

Anyway, which Facebook page has 1000 followers?! I'm curious and nosy. Seriously, nosy but it has led me to good places.

Actually getting a little excited m'self for the weekend. Not the crowds though but seeing dear daughter. Already told her this will be very different than meeting KR as she had *this* is going to be a circus. Think of what you want to say now, you'll get maybe a min or two plus photo. Turns out he cancelled Sunday! That makes it all the better we planned it for the Saturday. There will no doubt be some 3 day VIP pass holders pissed about Sunday cancellation too.

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2015-04-08 22:26:23

because he has shown kindness to his fans

I can speak from first hand experience a few times. 20 years ago this year in Oz while staying at the same hotel. He was in the hotel bar lobby w/friends [he was there w/Dogstar] when I had gone in for a liquid lunch, m'self.

But more recently, The Whole Truth was filmed near my parents. [my siblings, niece etc also live there]. I go out there every summer, usually in July as June gets eaten up by dance recitals and minutia.

One day sat on the sidelines of them filming outside in the front of the courthouse with very little cast or crew. That was fun. As a hobbyist photographer it was interesting watching them keep the noon light look throughout the day as they filmed 2 scenes. [lots of takes]
Before leaving that day, asked about coming back and bringing my daughter with me who at 11 is a budding hobbyist photographer and videographer. Well, had some family stuff come up, came back two days later and they were inside filming. Bummer for daughter.

Told her, let's go walk around the front and sit to 'see what we can see' and as I walked around the corner, Reeves was standing there having a smoke. Dear Daughter wasn't listening very closely I learned later...she was looking at everything she could. We walked up to KR, we just talked about stuff in general, introduced to daughter [who really wasn't paying attention still...] he shook her hand. We chatted for a bit longer and he was called back inside. He finished the smoke and off he went. He was as lovely and cordial as ever.

Dear daughter however was disappointed, she wanted to meet KR.


I said did you not listen to me when I introduced you? Didn't he shake your hand? She goes "that was him?" [kids!]

And I said well..who do you think it was? she says "Oh some random normal guy wearing a suit? I dunno but you are always talking to different people..." Told her, he IS a normal guy and that'll teach YOU to not pay attention won't it?
She was thrilled however since she had never met anyone 'famous' before. But embarrassed too for not paying attention! tsk tsk.

This weekend D/D will meet Norman Reedus [Daryl Dixon Walking Dead] as Norman is playing the role of Mickey Mouse [sort of] for MegaCon in Orlando and she is such a huge fan of his, for an early birthday present we will be staying in Orlando for a couple of nights and around 4pm on Saturday she is scheduled for a photo w/him. :)

She's been freaking out all week. I can't wait - Mummy has to be there to pick up the nervous girl who may just start crying.

I think she is going to be into guys who ride motorbikes when she gets older. She thinks I am old? DD only just learned Reedus is older than her mother and almost the same age as KR. She doesn't care! GIRLS.
We can be a funny lot!

a disgusting fish "@IanNoFool"

2015-04-08 21:51:52

to be at least in their 30s and a grown man

Allegedly in her 50s. Grown man? We've all considered that to be a possibility. Also, Ard trips out if you say The Watcher sucked. [it did. OK? It just did...]

I'll know if you're Ard or not by your reply. Lol. ;)

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