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I'm an Asian fan!^^

2017-01-08 23:05:34

@Anakin McFly

Thank you! Haha I guess soon you'll cover that too! XD


2017-01-07 04:35:42

I'm excited about every John Wich that comes out! The most beautiful action movie I've ever seen.
"A Reasonable Speed"

2017-01-07 04:31:09

And absolutely mine too!!!


Hi Ya'll

2017-01-07 03:21:12

Hi Trinity of the oceans!!

I like it here too. Nice introduction. Hope you enjoy your job and everything else!

Best wishes! XOXO

I'm an Asian fan!^^

2017-01-06 20:20:55

Hi dear fans!

I'm Katayoun. A persian girl. I'm feeling so happy for being a part of this fandom. Keanu Reeves is an inspiration for me. A real gentleman who is so handsome indeed. Anyway thanks a lot for making this forum. *cheers*


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