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How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-28 02:26:25

KR is not on social media, but seems to be "reachable" for people living in LA. At least, cross his path several times.
I like the idea to facilitate an opportunity (if living in North Korea, few chances that might happen!), but let life do the rest :D
For me the best would be to cross his path through able to collaborate with him on something...
I think it is somehow tricky to have like one chance to meet someone and it appears that it was not the right moment to start a conversation... :/
And with KR I do think that we never know!
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-27 18:03:04

Here it is...

I don't know how it endded to be an article in The Independent, like if meeting someone famous and handsome should always be an amazing experience, and moreover like it couldn't be just sometimes boring. It is even a good thing...KR is just a normal person.

About meeting a person somehow introverted, I think that this part is a very speaking one: "'How was your day?' he asked breezily. I was sure it had been boring so I muttered something banal. Then, out of nervousness, I asked him back. 'How was yours?' This had the effect of striking him mute. I felt panic rising: was this too personal a question? 'OK,' he mumbled eventually. I decided I would have to plough on with the natural approach. 'What are you up to at the moment?' A complete blank."

And that part makes me feel like I should NEVER meet him if I don't want to end up with a heart attack :D :D "I realised he was probably the most attractive man I'd ever seen in my life. Long dark dirty hair, great smile, chiselled jaw. Completely sexy. A babe."

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-27 17:39:36

Let's have a worldwide protest asking a dinner with him! :D
If we offer to cook he might say yes :p

More seriously, I think that the best way to meet him would be that he has the will to meet anyone of a person. That's where popularity is such a crazy thing...people you have never met in your entire life want to meet you...he said something similar in interviews.

And it might be that the minute someone wants something from him he closes himself like an oyster...
Interacting with an introverted person is very not an easy thing...I guess it depends on his mood.
I remember reading someone's story who met him and was not really looking for it, neither a fan...I will try to find the story.

Open Letter to Keanu Reeves

2018-11-27 16:04:22

I really like this quote from Kenneth Branagh:
"Keanu has an aloof quality, a far-away quality. You can’t quite get close to him, he is somehow unattainable. That makes him very, very attractive. Yet, he seems to display all the qualities one would want: a very sexy, erotic physical being. One sees in his work that he can sometimes be very gentle, he can sometimes be very fierce, he can sometimes be very funny, and yet, he’s got something at the back of the eyes that says, ‘No, I won’t be committing here’. He’ll always be on the bus heading off. And I think there is something tremendously attractive to men and women about that combination of the utterly desirable and the definitely unattainable."
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-26 22:27:46

Impressive sensibility...Siddhartha
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-26 16:21:44

Thanks Lelou for your message.
I have re-watched the J.Ross Show...full, not only the KR part...didn't realise Brand was speaking so much and so fast :D even difficult to ask him a question!

Keanu Reeves unease reactions are sometimes cute as he somehow handles it, but must be a real suffering sometimes...he looks somehow trapped in this sex symbol thing, like it is part of the Hollywood deal...but not his main concern or perception.

For Destination wedding, I've seen the original version, had to watch it several times as English is not my main language. Long chatting! But I have enjoyed the movie, especially the second part. Good to see KR without a gun or dead family, and not the usual sweetheart of a romcom...and really not as a sex symbol.

Hope to see him in very various types of movies in the future!

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-24 14:58:14

Ouch...for sure Russell Brand and Keanu Reeves is not the right cocktail!
Was Brand being rude or just "the nice and mysterious Mr.Reeves!!"
Nobody on the set stopped Brand? It was before or after the interview that was broadcasted? Because as you said KR looked quite open and relax during the interview.

I'm not surprised at all by KR reaction...

Many times we can see on interviews that he his extremly unconfortable when people speak or ask about his physical appearance too, being handsome or hot. Like clawing his hands...

As well looks like he is really not into birthdays! (=celebration of suprise).

He looks more in peace with himself now, like somehow he has started to find himself..his place... I'm very happy about it.

A strange question: does he have freckels on his face?

Scammers alert

2018-11-20 17:32:17

I don't think he would create an official one... He might have or create one under another name for personal use.
But I think he has much better to do and is somehow more old school...though very aware of new technologies.
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-11-20 13:13:08

Hi Lelou! Thanks for your message, we have quite similar views about him.
As you have met him, I was curious to know if he was somehow different from what you have seen/imagined?
What was different and what wasn't?

Have you seen some of his last films? what did you think?

Have a nice day!

Destination Wedding

2018-11-17 02:52:14

I've read several people describing it as a theater play. I was little puzzled with KR least for the first half of the sounds like reciting...but I did enjoyed the second part...the song in the shower :D (what a charming disaster!), the conversations :D..."what if I keep my mind open to the possibility of keeping my mind open to the possibility of keeping my mind open..." and of course "I believe that there is nobody for anyone"...
Winona Ryder is very well acting.
I know some people acting quite like life!

I'm not a huge fan of his comedies, but the Lake house was nice, didn't sound fake or anything, a nice metaphor on the right timing in love.

Some say he has often "loner" parts because he his a loner in life...and that's why he is not really acting (which is not true from my point of view), but of course he his not at the opposite of these characters.

I would really like to see him in very different roles...

Destination Wedding

2018-10-10 21:45:47

Hi, just wanted to know if this topic is for sharing articles about the film only, and if there is a topic to discuss about KR films?
Just seen Destination wedding yesterday...wanted to see if anyone has seen it and have shared impressions.


The Modern Ocean

2018-10-05 01:29:51

Sounds like an interesting indie movie...guess we'll have to wait a bit...
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-09-25 15:23:35

Yes totally agree with interviews, that's mostly why I prefer to look interviews. By the way Keanu Reeves is not totally private about his private life (like the personal interview in Uruguay), and quite honest as well in his answers.

Liked it so much when he answered..."Saaanneee? Do you think I'm saaanneee??" and the face expression :D :D

Guess you have seen this one as well, quite funny...

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-09-25 13:38:04

"Deciphering is not a crime depending on how you are going to use it"...I guess it is more about ethics, whatever deciphering or not, journalists are able to set up fake stories to sell more!
I was surprised on Mr-Reeves to find some articles that are not really respecting his private life or far from reliable. I guess the interest of it was to compile everything that has been published about him.

How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?

2018-09-25 01:35:19

Thanks for those soothing words. His hypersensitivity makes echo...that's why I'm interested in the person he is, not only as an actor but as a person. I guess hypersensitive people recognize other hypersensitive ones.

According to what you said, deciphering is not crime :)

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