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Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 18:09

One question : I do not know you nor the author of the piece, how was I to know that the 'conversation' was between friends? Look, the site is a blog site, the article was an opinion piece and gave space for commentary by readers. I read the piece and the commentary and simply responded to what I saw. I'm afraid your definition of trolling and mine are rather distant from one another.

But I'm dropping out of this 'discussion', you're not hearing anything I say and I respect Ani's site too much to continue a lose-lose conversation.

Go in peace Bobby B :).

You're going to ask me a question, implicitly insult me, and then tell me to go in peace, adding a smiley face, either to further egg me on or hope it makes every contradicting thing you said before OK? Please do drop out of the discussion... I'd rather talk to your webmaster anyway.

Anakin, while I'm not happy about the way our site was discovered (and commented on -- mostly assuming we were thoughtless hacks) you're right, freedom of speech and what not. I respect what you're doing here and wish you, your readers, and Keanu Reeves, well. Take care

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 12:16

@seer It's not so much the personal attacks as much as it is you coming to my website on behalf of this Reeves fansite and denouncing any of our negative opinions of him because you have preconceived notions of people who dislike Reeves' acting. You were trolling and, mixed in with what has ultimately become some real intelligent conversation about him and respecting people's opinions, we've gotten lost in the real issue and that is you shouldn't be going to unknown websites because someone uttered something as silly as "he sucks at acting" in the comment section of an otherwise lengthy, well thought out piece on movies (not Keeanu Reeves). If the post went off on a baseless, unintelligent diatribe then maybe come over and speak your mind since that would have been the purpose of the post. The purpose of the post was not about reeves and a couple comments between friends should not have elicited any comments from otherwise non-readers of D4L. Sooner you realize that, the sooner the internet becomes a better place, flushed of trolls.
Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 11:16


... All those (censored) "fucks" were from Christian Bale's rant... I thought LucaM was referring to Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, so I was making lighthearted comments from Bateman (do you like Huey Lewis and the news?) and Bale himself (him going off on some stage worker who interrupted one of his scenes ) to ease some tension. Sorry it didn't work for you and led you to your own personal rant that isn't quite as funny as Bale's (especially since my parents passed away years ago -- thanks for asking).

I'm glad Keanu is awesome, sweet, and patient. Like I've said before, I have no problem with Keanu the person (I don't know him so it'd be unfair for me to judge his personality) but I'm simply not a fan of his acting and I think it would behoove you as people who claim they respect opinions to just simply understand that and let it go rather than attacking people on websites that aren't your own.

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 02:32


Do you like Huey Lewis and the news?

[looks at inkhuldra]

What the f**k is it with you? What don't you f**king understand? ...Give me a f**king answer. Ohhhhhh good for you. F**ks sake man you're amateur.

See ya folks, I'm sure I'll hear from you all again on my site since now I know what buttons to push ;-)

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 00:21

Yeah, I agree, so sorry about that; especially since this is one of the things that has always bothered me about people regarding other issues, so I guess that was hypocritical on my part at least. It's just that I recently found this: and it kind of pissed me off, especially since the author is someone I've greatly admired for his other work. I guess some of the reaction from things like that - which pop up with extreme regularity - carries over to anyone else who criticises Keanu and/or his fans, because very often they do share similar sentiments. If you're not one of them, then that's great.

Yeah, I'm not one of those people. I love movies and I tend to develop my own opinions when it comes to movies/actors and keep personalities out of it mainly because I don't know any of these people personally (Just think of Tiger Woods, who seemed like a great guy... not so great).

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 00:10

No, our agenda is to attack anyone who attacks Keanu.

Therein lies the problem! I make a comment (to a friend no less) about Keanu's acting and you attack me personally? How is that right? I'm entitled to comment on Keanu's acting all I want -- it's not his personality I'm commenting on. I didn't say anything mean spirited about Keanu the person. But you looked at your little Google alert and got uber-defensive about a negative comment and attacked an individual for the VERY thing you THOUGHT he was doing... two wrongs don't make a right and if you would have understood the context of the conversation other than always having an agenda of going after people who speak poorly of Keanu (his acting or not) you would have understood I wasn't in the wrong because my opinion of his acting (it's awful to me) can't be wrong because it's merely an opinion.

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-05 00:00

The implication was made with your first comment on that post - that anyone who calls Keanu brilliant has to be being sarcastic.

The implication was made about Devin, my friend and the author of that post, because he often writes sarcastic posts (most of our stuff on D4L is for laughs). If you read our site regularly like most commenters do, I think that would have been better understood. Apologies for the misunderstanding there.

I guess it works both ways, and I'd say with about 100% certainty that there are far more blanket accusations being made against Keanu fans than against his critics. Time after time we have been declared unintelligent, lovesick ADHD morons who wouldn't know good acting if it hit them in the face, and it's about time we reacted. Our actions are negligible compared to the casual insults and jokes that have been sent our way.

The difference is I was actually accused by WINM readers (or it was suggested) that we were being lazy critics, morons, whatever. Meanwhile, not once did I call any of you those hateful things for being a fan of Keanu. My knee jerk response was that your website is a little obsessive, but I didn't call you unintelligent or ADHD morons. And I wouldn't even say obsessive is a bad thing since I'm more than comfortable saying my website is an obsession over sports (particularly Detroit sports). Either way, you can't treat me like I'm one of those people who have called you those things in the past. It's like not trusting a current girlfriend because your past gf cheated on you. It might be human nature, but it's not fair and doesn't make it right.

I agree with you or am ok leaving everything else you said as is. Pleasure speaking with you Anakin.

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-04 23:49

I didn't block your comments.

MY blog, however, is not an open forum, or free for all. I am allowed to moderate comments as I wish, similarly as your site you peruse here has a moderator/webmaster.

I'm not bothered by random commenters (unless they are spam) as much as I am with you commenting on my site and not facilitating discussion about the post at hand gearing it more toward fulfilling your own agenda, which clearly seems to be attacking anyone who doesn't love Keanu like you do.

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-04 23:27

First of all, I'm here because you took the time to visit my site... I won't stay long.

And I'm not making any statements of mine out to be more factual than your own. I said he sucks because that's my opinion, I shouldn't have to preface all my statements with "This is my opinion" as Seer so astutely pointed out in one his/her comments on my site.

In fact, it is you (with your website) that is making anyone who does not like Keanu feel like they are in the wrong. You love the guy, that's great. As I've said, time and time again, that's fine. I'm more than OK with whatever it is you get off to. But YOU are the people calling others out for not liking Keanu and from what I've read (and I've read enough of your website -- not just the forums) to know that you attack anyone who has a negative opinion of Keanu. You have specific threads with links to websites (that you must Google his name constantly to find) that critique Keanu in a negative light and then you attack those people as shallow minded, lazy, or whatever. That doesn't sound to me like you respect opinions.

I'm irked by the fact that I got linked on a Keanu Reeves website/forum & then you came onto my site calling me and another commenter lazy critics amongst other suggestive remarks. If you wanted to keep it to your forum, that's fine I wouldn't have said anything probably, but once you start commenting on my site in the manner you did, it becomes an issue and I will handle it accordingly. (and this mostly pertains to Seer and the other -- I've been mostly pleased with my interactions with Anakin)

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-04 21:11

....aaaaand they probably also resent him for looking better than them, as well as being intelligent and charming, and thus being much more likely to attract the interest of women. Which I bet those guys struggle with in their own lives. Chronically.

Seriously? Get over him. *heavy sarcasm* Yes, I hate him for being so damn pretty, smart, and charming (assuming you know that for certain). *heavy sarcasm*

He's an actor and I judge him for that. I don't care what he does off the screen. For all I know, he does seem like a decent dude, but as a fan of movies and quality acting, I do not enjoy him.

Bits and snippets off the web

2010-01-04 21:02

And that Bobby B at Detroit4lyfe is a sad fish for sure, not satisfied with dissing K, must diss WinM too. So typical of those that really don't have anything to say, just want to noise off.

I wonder if these fish ever bother to analyze the reason and/or depth of their dislike of someone that they don't know and will never meet? On the flip side of course are those who fanatically 'love' a person they don't know and will never meet :D.

Are so many people really so happy with being part of 'the herd'? Has individuality become an endangered species?

Sorry I don't share your (creepy?) obsession over Keanu Reeves , but talking poorly of me behind my back? Now that's sad... Please refer to #1 of your comment guidelines. Thanks.

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