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Insta "@_keanu_reevesofficial_" check it out.

2019-03-07 23:45:52

This is a pretty new account, maybe a month old? It shows videos from "Paris." John Wick t-shirts, it has celebrity pictures tagging them. If I had not been scammed before by really good imposters that could upload a video of him believably (crafty), it would appear as if this were authentic. However, check it out.
Comments working??

2019-02-13 03:34:02

Can comments be deleted? If they can, how does that work? I actually commented too many times on a topic due to my confusion about whether the first one or two posted.
Scammers alert

2019-02-12 09:18:02

@verifiedkeanureeves_official on Instagram representing themselves as Keanu Reeves and approaching women romantically.

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