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Bits and snippets off the web

2019-06-10 21:47:14

@Freya Thanks for the news.
Unable to open the video in the link supported by YouTube(due to local policy), so I watch the video entitled "Official E3 2019 Cinematic Trailer" of Cyberpunk 2077 in IMDb.
The game looks cool. But there is only one shot of Keanu at the end of the video, that is not generous enough for the appetite of the audience.
If any possibility that the game would extend to movies?
Later, I watch the video of Keanu Reeves on the stage of XBoxE3, "The feeling of being there ... of walking the streets of the future is really going to be breathtaking," said Reeves. Just after that, the interesting part was when a male fan yelling, "You're breathtaking!", and Keanu Reeves responded, "You are breathtaking! You are all breathtaking!". There are several reports about this activity. Well, the comments.
"Keanu Reeves just be showing up in stuff and making it like 100 times better."
"Keanu Reeves makes everything better, even E3."
"what companies think gamers want: video games, what gamers actually want: keanu reeves telling you that you are loved."
This is a fan work, a video clip mixed with two movies, the Last Samurai‎(2003) and 47 Ronin(2013), both in ancient Japanese style. I have no feeling for Tom Cruise, But this video is beautiful.
I have seen another video clip mixed with several movies by Sophie Marceau and Keanu Reeves, but cannot find it again.

Keanu Reeves on Douban,
Fan group on Douban,
Keanu Reeves on Mtime,
If you would like to see what Chinese fans are saying, you can check these two websites, much like IMDb.

UPLIFTING QUOTES for our day to day

2019-06-10 09:22:42

"Better diamond with a flaw than a pebble without - Confucius"

I guess the original sentence is more like this, rather to be fragments of a jade than to be a complete tile. Since the most precious stone in ancient China were jades, people barely talked about diamonds or pebbles. And the ancients spoke quite briefly and there are not many similar sentences.
The sentence was not said by Confucius, but by a man named Jinghao Yuan(sounds like "gin how yuan"). He inherited the title of his ancestor, the King of Chenliu County. However during his period, many of the old King's relatives with the family name Yuan were going to be killed. Someone suggested Jinghao Yuan to change his family name to Gao(sounds like "gow") to avoid being killed. In ancient China, the old royal family which lost power was sometimes regarded as a threat to the current royal family, and thus generations of the family were killed, even counting to nine generations. However, Jinghao Yuan refused to change his family name and said this, rather to be fragments of a jade than to be a complete tile, which means he would rather to die with dignity than to live without dignity. Then he was killed.
The story was recorded in the Book of Northern Qi Dynasty by the historian Baiyao Li in Tang Dynasty. The sentence is included in Chinese Idiom Dictionary. Each idiom comes from a historical story.
When I was a kid, there were not many books in my family, and I enjoyed reading the dictionary. Many of the stories bear the imprint of ancient civilization, and are not suitable for modern life, but the spirit is still touching until today.
Is there already a translation of Chinese Idiom Dictionary?

"You want to know how I did it? This is how I did it: I never saved anything for the swim back." - "Gattaca" (1997)

This is similar to a Chinese idiom, break the cauldrons and sink the boats, which comes from the heroic and tragic story about Yu Xiang, King of West Chu.
Yu Xiang and his army was forced to the edge of the river by Bang Liu's army. Yu Xiang ordered to break the cauldrons and sink the boats, and thus his army was determined and there was no retreat. Finally, Yu Xiang lost the battle.
There is also a Chinese idiom, the winner is the king and the loser a bandit. But except for Yu Xiang and Bang Liu. Speaking of personality, people regard Yu Xiang as a hero, a brave and honorable man, other than Bang Liu, who then became the first King of Han Dynasty. Historical records show that Bang Liu was a cowardly and despicable man. There are many poems in memory of Yu Xiang, asking him why not cross the river and perhaps return as a king again one day, and telling him that the masses of people are missing him.
Ji Yu, the lover of Yu Xiang, cut off her own throat before the battle. It is hard to say what would happen to women in the war, they never had their own choice. Sometimes, the defeated king's women may survive and taken by the victorious king as his own. Therefore, Ji Yu is regarded as a brave woman. Their love is memoried by the idiom, farewell my concubine, and also in dramas and movies.
I would not say that I approve of their choices, and historical stories are so cruel as a rule. But good qualities of humanity finally remain in our hearts.
Tai-Chi Tiger

2019-06-10 01:12:24

@LucaM Glad that you like the clarifying of that translation.
The whole translation of Keanu Reeves in Chinese contains 5 Chinese charaters, which sounds like "gi noo lee wis". We can pronouce v, but there is no Chinese character with v. It is a traditional way to translate the sound ree as lee. We miss the sound a, however this is not bad, because people remember short names better. For example, the most well-known philosopher here must be Nietzsche, since his translated name only contains 2 Chinese charaters. Besides, if there is a, "a noo" in a Chinese name sounds like an ancient female name probably with no social status like a maidservant. As for k, we translate it to g, j, k, q.
We usually translate foreign names by the sound other than by the meaning. And in common sense, we avoid using Chinese family names to translate foreign names, so that we can easily distinguish. Actually we prefer to choose Chinese characters with less meanings, such as adverbs. So calling a foreigner "lao Li", old Li, it really sounds like a family member. Perhaps you would like to know who is "xiao Li", "xiao" here means little, young, the opposite of old, it is Leonardo. ("lao" sounds like law, "xiao" sounds like shaw.)
Well, we are not voting with our wallets for John Wick series, since they are not released here because of the policy, and our box office owes millions to Keanu.

The original cultural background is complex, people of CX Liu's generation experienced more political transformations than we do now. And CX Liu's opinion only represent some of his generation, and you know, I don't agree with him. So I think it is just ok that you don't get cultural meaning in his book, it maybe a good thing. I am not talking that CX Liu's writing style is simple, I mean clumsy sometimes unbearable, and as a comparison, George R.R.Martin's is simple and easy to read, and so is Ken Liu's. CX Liu's translated edition in USA has been demanded to modify and remove contents of sex discrimination and this causes dissatisfaction to his fans here who take him as an unshakable belief.
You are not alone. I also read translations, apparently it takes too much time to read the original language edition for me. Once I try to read the Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin. There are several translated editions from the mainland and TW. I figure out meanings of sentences are not always the same, so I fetch the original English edition. Some words are really hard for me to understand, and by dictionary and web searching, I find out that the translators also didn't do a full work, I mean, they are right, but you know, words have multilevel meanings, Ursula used some words that have particular meanings in philosophy, while some philosophical concepts are quite unfamiliar to common people with our education background.
Take another example. Chinese phonetic annotation is a historical product, it made a great contribution to education. But it is not good enough in linguistics, because the phonetic annotations are not standardized, and meanwhile should not be used directly as words in translation. There are articles criticizing using phonetic annotations instead of words. One of the most famous ones is a complete story, written by Yuanren Zhao, with about a hundred Chinese characters, each Chinese character with the same phonetic annotation, then how could people tell what is talking about merely by phonetic annotations?
So I guess it is inevitable, words lose some meanings, sentences lose some rhythms, and stories lose some cultural backgroud. Yet, we still enjoy books even through translations, only that this would not help us being a professional literature researcher. :)

Tai-Chi Tiger

2019-06-09 22:46:10

@LucaM Yeah, "Lao Li" here means old Li, actually old plus the family name is usually used to call a close friend or a family member, or just a casual calling. "lao" is only a Chinese phonetic annotation, there are 62 Chinese characters sounding the same "lao", with four different tones, and 249 for "li".
We can pronounce r, but there are official translation rules and it has formed as the tradition, while the translation rules are slightly different between the mainland and Taiwan, Hongkong. We used to translate the sound ree as lee, while lee in Chinese phonetic annotation is "li".

Ken Liu's translation is good. Many people believe that the Third Body Problem would not win the award if not have Ken Liu as the translator. I also believe this is one of the key factors. I myself haven't read the book and never gonna to. CX Liu's style of writing in his original language is much like an elementary school pupil, and some people would agree that it is better to read Ken Liu's edition.
The brief introduction of the story and the female roles make me sick, and which is worse, there are some public activities in which CX Liu showed totally no respect to females, arousing unpleasant controversy, the huge number of fans of CX Liu they just bite whatever against their side. Sometimes I wonder that the writer could divide people into groups, some as noble as himself, while others as sacrifices to them.

Bits and snippets off the web

2019-06-09 20:34:54

@LucaM Thanks for replying me again and help me understanding. You are so nice! Speak of sound imitation, Keanu seems to be good at this. I came across the short video of the 16-year-old Keanu Reeves at a teddy bear convention that "he pretends a stuffed bear is mauling him and shouts 'You're not a bear!'" That is amazingly vivid. And there was also his own characteristic sound imitation when he was doing actions during the filming, recorded in documentaries. However this kind of performance seems not appear in movies, it might be quite hard to build such a specific role in a story.

2019-06-09 18:18:47

We are not going to cinema to watch the series of John Wick. People keep asking when will John Wick 3 release, and people keep answering never ever till the end of world, and better ask when will the edition with scenes cut off release online, and some ask should I exit to watch the movie that I cannot help waiting for? Yet not everyone can afford. This is just one glance of the real parallel world.
Bits and snippets off the web

2019-06-09 17:36:47

@LucaM Thanks so much. I think you are right. After you told me, I listen to it again several times and distinguish "doth feel" and "doth" a little better, yet only a little, liaison is so hard for me that I even thought it could be another language with somewhat dramatic tone. Haven't read Shakespeare, it sounds interesting. And what is the word which sounds like 'faduke'?

(I have to use dictionary to assist reading and writting, and use aoto-translation because the reading speed is far too slow comparing to mother language. Besides grammatical problems, I always worry about if choosing odd or even offending words from the dictionary when writting while I am not conscious of them at all. But when saying this, I realize that, even with all common words, it still could have a special attitude. Language is so subtle. After all, it is the first time for me to use English in daily talking. So, if there is anything strange, please tell me.:))

Bits and snippets off the web

2019-06-05 22:01:21

Language Help!

Title: "Keanu Reeves Talks Filming ‘John Wick 3’ Fight Scenes, Almost Changing His Name"

This is an interview of Keanu Reeves with Willie Geist(Sorry that websites like youtube are limited here and I do not know the origin of this video), I do like his sound when he was talking about what that I just cannot follow.

It is between 04:12-04:17. Not that good at English, I only catch words as follows,

"My middle name is Charles, so they were like, why don't we just call you K.C.Reeves? Ah. Awwh. My heart, (daf?) wounded, (daf?) slings, and arrows. Oh. (faduke?) I think that's an arrow."

So what is he exactly talking about? Thanks.

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