Keanu only got famous because he's lucky


Luck alone cannot account for a Hollywood career as game-changing and enduring as Keanu has. It very likely helped in the beginning – luck and good connections are often vital in getting that foot in at the door – but it can only carry you so far.

It wasn't luck that made him turn down Speed 2 because he thought the plot was terrible; it wasn't luck that made him agree to commit himself to the months of intensive kungfu training that scared many other actors off from The Matrix; it wasn't luck that makes the costars, directors and stuntmen who've worked with him decide to repeatedly seek him out again for their future projects.

Luck may have been the spark that started it all, but what kept the fire going was a lot of hard work, uncommon dedication, perceptiveness, professionalism and never-ceasing perseverance, and no small amount of talent as well.

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