Keanu Expressions MCQ Test by Ckage

ckage: Just out of curiosity. You people that can't figure out his expressions. Breathe in, breathe out... Concentrate... OK, about 5 seconds for each pic! Take a look:


What do you think is going on there?

1. Character in serious distress
2. Character mindlessly tasting a cinnamon bun
3. Character happy, looking at the birds fly around.


What could have happened?

1. Character got an important bit stuck on a zipper.
2. Character received good news
3. Character disinterested, waiting for a cab.


Check the right expression:

1. WTF?!
3. -_-


What is the character thinking?

1. Disgusting!
2. Meh...
3. Yummy!

Good luck!

No, really: all this "always the same expression" thing is starting to sound really fun to me!

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