"Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away."

- Philip K. Dick

Neo works for us. Fish don't stand a chance.


These are actually extracts from my personal files from Keanu defence around the Internet, but I thought I might as well put them up here. Technically some of these should fall under the Arguments & Rebuttals section or the K-SWAT in Action section, but oh well.

Dates are inverted (yy.mm.dd).

These aren't complete yet; I'm only about two thirds through, but should get the rest up in the next few days or so.

= Rebuttals =

07.12.15 - Response to generic Keanu bashing thread

08.08.23 - On Keanu not playing himself

08.11.06 - Keanu's financial generosity

08.11.09 - Response to generic Keanu bashing thread (2)

08.12.03 - Neo & Klaatu contrast

08.12.1x - About fan image

09.06.xx - The Groin Argument Counter-Argument

09.06.19 - Response to Keanu not extending himself

09.06.30 - Keanu's Love for Shakespeare

09.10.11 - The origin of the Keanu-can't-act bandwagon

09.10.18 - Response to Keanu being a limited actor

09.10.19 - How well Keanu plays his characters

= Quote Dumps =

On Keanu's acting range

On Keanu's minimalist acting style

On Keanu changing for each character

On Keanu's film choices

The Contradiction That is The Anu and How Nobody Gets Him

On Keanu being funny

Keanu on his love for acting

On his charisma

On Keanu not being vain

On Keanu being eccentric

= Miscellaneous =

08.04.29 - Keanu Expressions MCQ Test by ckage (with pictures)

Miscellaneous Points

AICN - Title suggestions for Speed 3

The Diversity of Fish Against Keanu in Cowboy Bebop

Media Snowballs!

Pictorial proof of his awesomeness (with pictures. because pictorial proof without pictures would be hard.)