The Diversity of Fish Against Cowboy Bebop

There are all kinds!


BiggusDickus: I like Keanu! He's the poster boy for anyone with limited talent chasing their dreams. If Keanu can become Hollywood 'A'-list despite possessing a complete inability to act, then there's hope for all of us in our chosen fields of endeavour. Go Ted!


Menchekia: This is horrible casting. It's gonna be Reeves standing there saying, "I'm on a spaceship. Woah."


Ironthorman: I guess I can see why they choose Reeves. He sort of (kind of) resembles Spike in some ways. Sort of a nonchalant-ness to the character, and sort of a monotone voice. Only difference being those attributes attributed to Spike Spiegel make him mysterious and shrouded in badassery. But we usually just equate those qualities to Keanu because he's dumb and a shitty actor.

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hoorah24: Even when he's trying to play laid back, he only looks depressed and serious (look at The Replacements, Hardball)

(you mean Shane and Conor weren't supposed to be depressed and serious? I definitely didn't get 'laid-back' at all from reading the scripts; more of an FML vibe.)


JackPumpkinhead: I think anime characters have about 1.5 facial expressions... One of which is "stare blandly through the air" – -Reeves and his "skills" would fit that perfectly, then.
RockMSockM: Spike had one expression, so ... why is Keanu a bad choice? It's no like Spike displayed more than one emotion, except maybe in the episode with the damn hallucinogenic mushrooms lol
TheGhostWhoLurks: As seen in the clip above, the one thing that Spike's brimming with, and Keanu completely LACKS, is CHARISMA. He may be laid back, but he's NOT a brain-dead, doped-up zombie... the singular quality Keanu brings to EVERY role he plays.

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ricarleite: I swear, if I see Keanu Reeves in front of me I WILL KILL THE GODDAMN CLOSETED BASTARD!

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Nice Marmot: My GOD this bland as hell muppet baffles me. When the world ends, with the exception of Bill & Ted & Point Break, everything, I mean EVERYTHING he's done, including the first Matrix, will have aged very very badly for featuring his lame ass.

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victor82: This film already sucks. Keanu is NOT SPIKE. JOHNNY DEPP IS SPIKE. This role was written for him. Period. End of story.


topaz4206: I think we can agree Keanu's best roles are where he plays pieces of wood -- Spike is pure charisma, and Mr. Reeves just doesn't have it.

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loki965: Of Course. Because he made such a fine Constantine.

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yomomma: Isn't he a little too old, fat and retarded to play Spike?
Vernardhi: Reeves isn't right. Spike is a cowboy, a noir detective and a couch-surfing slacker all in one. His occasional monotone monologues are of the hard boiled detective type, not the bored and braindead variety.


WarpedElements: DieDieDieDieDie FuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuckFuck FUCK! Fuck Fuck SHIT fuck.


question83: Keanu is a cyborg. Basicaly there is no living actor that can do justice to Spike's character. But if i had to create a list, Keanu would not be on it. Because, he is a bad actor in every definition of this word. He looks/walks/talks like some kind of android with broomstick stick up his mechanical ass. And he does it in every movie. Every friggin movie he "acts" the same way. Remember those scenes from "Waltz For Venus" when Spike teaches Rocco about his "like a running water" kug-fu philosophy ? Now ask yourself one question. Is Keanu Reves even capable of becoming "like a running water" ? No. Because he has a broomstick stuck up his ass.


buffywrestling: "You have reached Sacrifices. If you want 'Goats', just press one or say, 'Goats'."

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