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The newbies collect their membership nametags and badges as they are initiated into the illustrous ranks of the Keanu SWAT Team. Inside, the veterans wait cheerfully for their arrival. Those who looked too hungry have already been taken away to the dungeons; and by the time the newbies step in, nothing but friendly welcomes and greetings meet the new members of the K-SWAT family.

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Hi, Co-earthlings!GacefulDemon215 days ago | by: LucaM
*** Bonjour ***__ß_ß__117 days ago | by: GacefulDemon
Hallo! From Italy =)Pawel12154 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Hi everyone!gracee1103 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Hello from Canada!justdance2135 days ago | by: Freya
So happy to have found youErin4369 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Ffrom ItalyLethAurum4675 days ago | by: LethAurum
Hi from a long time fanMystycal Bella3765 days ago | by: silver
Hi white women of the keanuworld unitedDorga9784 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
New and ready to roc- I mean fangirlKilljoy2795 days ago | by: Killjoy
Not New, but an IMDb Refugee ReturningSonjaRostov5796 days ago | by: SonjaRostov
I'm an Asian fan!^^krt.19882832 days ago | by: krt.1988
Hi Ya'llSeaLady1834 days ago | by: krt.1988
Greetings Queen1822982 days ago | by: Queen182
HelloTaluthah11984 days ago | by: Lelou
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