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2014-09-24 22:16

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OK. My ID is not KR related in anyway. Back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and the internet was new-ish, I was living in Australia but my mother and siblings lived in the US. The phone was too expensive for meaningful conversations [not to mention it took some time for letters to arrive, when they did most 'news' was old].

We all went online. Sure our baud rate was 9600 at first and later we were speeding along with 14.4s and 28.8 but the internet was simple then. It met our needs.

Our primary need was to play Diablo, cards, backgammon etc. During my evening and the family's morning in the US we met online for several hours every day. [My old ICQ number was only 4 digits long, before it died around 02 numbers were 7-9 digits long]

Well, I needed a name, one that wouldn't require a multitude of numbers after it and one that would be fairly unique. In a tank next to my computer swam my axolotl. Hmm...switch the letters around = axollot. Used that name still to this day. FB, Twitter etc are all .com/axollot [I did want to be found] and because I'm a geek my mIRC channels guys [I was an OP aka operator or what would be called moderator now] would call me "Axie"

So, I joined WINM with the nickname of my nickname. The avatar I use is a picture of an axolotl. Exactly like the one that inspired the name in the first place.

2014-09-25 09:10

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My ID / avatar has nothing to do with Keanu. I'm just me!
2015-04-28 21:01:50

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my id also has nothing to do with Reeves. This is the, probably, winner of the most boring answer, is my favorite color. XD
Monica452015-05-26 20:07:58

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Yes my real real name. How original...and dull. LOL.
Misty2015-05-26 22:58:31

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My nickname can be interpreted in different ways. It is the English version of my real name, which comes from a native language. In general, it has two meanings. Mostly related to water and air. One of them might be loosely translated as 'cool breeze of the mountain' as well. But I am not Hawaiian ... and not 50.
2015-05-27 02:09:56

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My name is a quote from The Matrix Revolutions :D I bet you didn't know that XD ;)
2015-05-28 00:43:19

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This name is taken from mythology (a goddess).
2015-06-03 02:45:56

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Kiki is just my version of Ke (short for Keanu, obviously) and my first name starts with 'B'.

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