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Keanu briefly reconnected with his father?
Fiercelyred2009-01-15 02:44:11

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Or at least that's what one of the latest additions to the archive (Spaced) says. Really? I had no idea. He was always so critical of his father, to say the least, in his early interviews. Does anybody know if he did indeed reach out to his father, about ten years ago?
keanugirl762009-01-15 18:07:21

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No idea ninja.gif
2009-01-18 07:50:45

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I thought his dad tried to connect with Keanu (via a letter) when Dogstar was playing in Hawaii. I don't think Keanu responded at that time.

Not sure about them making contact ten years ago, though personally I think it would be great if they patched things up. Or at least saw each other. JMO

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