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Here the Keanu miscellanea of the day is shared and discussed. Cubicles are not completely conducive to a free flow of conversation, but they mean a lot to those who like to re-enact scenes from the first part of The Matrix, and so the cubicles are here to stay.

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Everything Else KCR
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Pretending to be Keanu ReevesCarol 3154 days ago | by: lillma
Watch out all the Girls?ladies?and anyone that talks to a Person calling himself KEANU REEVESCarol 1507 days ago | by: Niki
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?keala73624 days ago | by: silver
On fandom and the futureAnakin McFly14627 days ago | by: MmeRenard
Scammers on the loseAnakin McFly0814 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Sabotaged by Wesley Snipes!Lucy Mnemonic11275 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Soda PopDori01295 days ago | by: Dori
You Tube VideoDori01299 days ago | by: Dori
Kids and Pets Dori41303 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Kids and Pets Dori-1
Food Keanu EatsDori11306 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Citizens Dori41309 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Keanu AppreciationAmy Farrah Fowler11558 days ago | by: Monica45
Next chapter in the careerLucy Mnemonic01757 days ago | by: Lucy Mnemonic
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