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Here the Keanu miscellanea of the day is shared and discussed. Cubicles are not completely conducive to a free flow of conversation, but they mean a lot to those who like to re-enact scenes from the first part of The Matrix, and so the cubicles are here to stay.

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Everything Else KCR
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The Meatrix - online animation about factory farminginkhuldra2
Keanu briefly reconnected with his father?Fiercelyred2
old hockey clipJoke1
Keanu's name in Hawaiiinkhuldra1
Ok, this is starting to scare me.Anakin McFly3
Pretending to be Keanu ReevesCarol 3266 days ago | by: lillma
Watch out all the Girls?ladies?and anyone that talks to a Person calling himself KEANU REEVESCarol 1619 days ago | by: Niki
How do you feel connected to Keanu Reeves?keala73737 days ago | by: silver
On fandom and the futureAnakin McFly14739 days ago | by: MmeRenard
Scammers on the loseAnakin McFly0927 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Sabotaged by Wesley Snipes!Lucy Mnemonic11388 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Soda PopDori01407 days ago | by: Dori
You Tube VideoDori01411 days ago | by: Dori
Kids and Pets Dori41416 days ago | by: Anakin McFly
Kids and Pets Dori-1
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