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Pretending to be Keanu Reeves
Carol 2019-04-27 09:40:59

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Does Keanu Reeves ever go on Hangout chat line because there is somebody texting me here in Canada pretending that he is the actor and invited me down to California that’s what I need and I don’t know this is my first time on here and I don’t know where this subject would be going which form I know this is a very small print I don’t know why but I can’t even read to see where I made mistakes but know this sellers been after me for so long and even showed up I think it was a picture because I sure Look like him on video but I want him to video again but maybe he’s not who I think he is like I say I don’t know where this belongs so I just posted it here
Anakin McFly
2019-04-27 10:51:20


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Hi Carol, it’s definitely not Keanu.

What email address is he using? How were you contacted?

Thanks also for the note on the small print - are you on mobile phone or desktop?

Carol 2019-04-29 01:55:40

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No this fellow was and still is from Twitter I was going in to look at other things and he popped up he hasnt asked for money or things like that sounds like Romance dont know his email though I had an out with him yesterday(saturday) and he tried to put all the blame and guilt on me he video chat for not even 1 min
and told me that LA airport was the closes to where he lived
I am trying to get his address with no intent to go down there mostly with him its cell
lillma2020-04-25 03:42:00

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My aunt was contacted by someone pretending to be Keanu Reeves through twitter.
He then had her accept his Skype request, which has Keanu standing in front of a flag. This person actually skyped her and she swears its him.

Has anyone had actual look alikes reach out the them and do this kind of thing. He keeps texting her now and concerned she is going to get scammed. Since she saw this so called Keanu she does not believe me it is a scam. He showed her a DL also. I am in law enforcement so I know how easy it is to make a fake ID.

I just need something to show her to prove he is fake.

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