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Can you believe I turned into a fan in 2022?
2022-02-23 02:02:28

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Hi there everyone,
I'm Maddalena, 41 year old from Italy, and I just wanted to say this site rocks!

Although I reckon it's not being updated as regularly as it once used to be, I must say it's a wonderful source for all kinds of Keanu-related stuff, so kudos to the people who built it! The archive is amazing, I've been reading a few articles and some are really interesting, especially older ones.

As for me, I honestly can't say I've been a Keanu fan for a long time, because I actually turned into one just a few weeks ago, but boy has it hit me hard...!
I remember watching Speed with a friend when I was a teenager and liking it, and I remember Keanu being all over teenage magazines in the 90s. I tried twice watching the Matrix in the 00s but (alas!) fell asleep both times, then earlier this year I gave it another go, what with it being my boyfriend's favorite movie ever and Matrix Resurrections coming out... and that's when I got totally hooked!
This has also started me on a Keanu movie marathon, which I'm enjoying thoroughly!

Anyway, I really hope this site can stay online as long as possible, and being a software developer myself, if there's any way I could help keeping it alive (I noticed there's no Matrix Resurrections in the Keanu movies watched section), I'd be more than glad to!

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