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The Meatrix - online animation about factory farming
2009-11-11 02:31

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I just stumbled upon this funny Matrix parody that I've never seen or even heard of before:

"The Meatrix is a four-minute online animation that spoofs The Matrix movies while educating viewers about the problems with factory farming and today's meat and dairy supplies. The film is a humorous and creative satire that uses pop culture and entertainment to educate viewers about the food they eat and where it comes from. The film features three superhero farm animals including Leo, the young pig who wonders if he is "the one", Chickity, the feathered family farm defender, and Moopheus, the trench-coat-clad cow with a passion for green pastures."

Anakin McFly
2009-11-11 10:44


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haha; I've seen that before, in class actually. :\\
xLiving_Deadx2010-01-29 11:16

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I saw that in class too, LOL !

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