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Long lost Keanu-related film project: Echo
2009-11-14 20:22

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Here's something I had never heard of before: Fifteen years ago Keanu played the role of Narcissus in a Stephen Hamel directed artsy/indie b/w movie titled Echo. Apparently it will now be released by Keanu's Company Films production company, where Stephen Hamel is a partner. If that doesn't deserve a whoa, I don't know what does. Not that it looks like it's anywhere near my cuppa tea, but still -- it's Keanu, and that makes it... uh... at least interesting. :-)

Here's a clip from the movie:

Anakin McFly
2009-11-14 21:03


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The whole film is up on Youtube.


Tried watching and never really made it through. Nothing really happens in it. :\\

2009-11-14 21:29

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It probably wouldn't ever have made it out of its dusty old storage box if Keanu wasn't in it. Funny how that works. I have no idea what they mean to achieve by publishing it.

I'll try to watch it, but the trailer alone was almost enough to put me to sleep. I fear that watching the whole movie will put me to sleep in a different, potentially permanent, way. ;-)

2009-11-14 21:31

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it's Hamel experimenting with images. and myths ;) :D

I like it :D

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