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Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter / Tune In Tomorrow
2010-10-19 16:32

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I remember this one. I had it on videotape. Funny little story. Wonder if it is out there somewhere for downloading.

Here's a recent review:

2012-07-22 12:43

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I just watched it (got my DVD in mail this week, just got around to seeing it). I loved it. This Pedro guy, you hate him and you love him, and everybody seems to be hypnotized by him - they try to fight it, sure, but they are too fascinated by his ridiculous stories. Including the real-life characters he plays with. Awesome. And Martin is so adamant in his love to Julia, even though it starts almost as a joke and then, with generous help from Pedro, it drives him almost to madness. Great stuff.
2012-07-22 13:02

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There's nothing like discovering Keanu's movies. I think you should see all of them as time and finances allow. The first time for each of them is very special.
Sounds like you are enjoying your journey of discovery. :)
2012-07-22 13:27

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ARYA, I do :) It worries me, but what can I say, I'm always this easily addicted. To be honest, Mr. Reeves is not my first, my only, or my last love. This is what always happens when I see somebody in a movie, and, impressed by his performance (even when I've seen this guy or this movie before), start looking for other proofs of his awesomeness. Thanks to this, I've already some very cool movies that I wouldn't have known about otherwise.

And yes, between my having a "Reeves movie marathon" for a couple of months now (more often than not it's just the same movie being watched over and over for like, a week) and stumbling on his interviews on YouTube, my respect for Keanu Reeves both as an actor and a person has really grown. I don't really care for all the drugs (although half of my friends back home are either potheads, eat stamps and mushrooms, and snort coke when they get the chance) but who am I to disapprove? And I'm sometimes puzzled about some movie choices, but I'm not artistic type at all, so some things I don't try to understand.

My god I love digressing. Sorry :)

Anyway. Yes :) Keanu Reeves is an interesting character and I love watching actors who make you really watch them to see all the tiny expressions and changes.

And those manners of his. Dude. Most excellent.

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