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Keanu's name in Hawaii
2011-05-13 04:50

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I just came across this Q&A and thought I'd share, as it sort of confirms what Ani wrote elsewhere (I can't find it right now) that Keanu really means "the cold":

Question by LOVE: Is the name Keanu popular in Hawaii?
I just had my son last August and I named him Keanu.
As far as I know the name Keanu is not really known here the mainland. (except if you're talking Reeves!)
Everyone is always stumped when I first tell tell them my son's name. I have to always correct their pronounciation.

So is the name Keanu common in Hawaii?
I thought the name can from Keaweaheulu which meant "cool breeze"..?

Answer by soccerref
I wouldn’t say that it's one of the most popular ones…..but yes, it is used here in Hawaii though it’s usually used as part of something else as Keanu litterally means the cold.

toxik_tomatoe27 says:

If you live in the mainland and you named your son Keanu then you’re right, probably the only other one people have heard of is Keanu Reeves. Here in Hawaii the name Keanu is popular, but more as a nickname or middle name than a first name. For instance, I know a guy whose first name is John and whose middle name is Keanu. But everyone calls him Keanu…just because that’s kind of the "local" style. I’d say about 1 out of 30 guys here will have the name Keanu. Names like Koa, Ikaika, and Mana are the most popular for boys in Hawaii, basically 1 out of 5 boys here are named that!

I congratulate you on being different and naming your son Keanu. Whenever I am watching movies or tv or visiting the mainland and I see or hear a Hawaiian name it always peaks my interest (like now I watch that show on MTV called Taquita and Kaui because "Kaui" is a Hawaiian name….) because its unique and I like that!

Anakin McFly
2011-05-13 05:27


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I thought it was 'the coolness'? sounds cooler, anyway. :|

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