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Something's Gotta Give
anita7722013-08-21 00:32

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This was on tv last night, and even though I own the video, I had to watch. I think Nancy Meyers was flat-out insane when she had the Diane Keaton character pick Jack Nicholson over Keanu. His character was so lovely, and he was so lovely in this movie. Yum!
Christine2013-08-21 03:50

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I totally agree Anita,he was really loveley in that movie!
2013-08-21 20:06

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yup! he was so yummy in this movie, i couln't help but capture some images of him while watching on my dvd...
2013-12-17 15:48

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I just watched this movie and I agree with all of you. Keanu was very yummy and sexy if I dare to say. How can Diane Keaton choose Jack Nicholson over Keanu Reeves! His character was so very lovely. Keanu is way more handsome!
aeleenpreston2013-12-26 16:12

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I am not a film lover but I use to see Keanu events, show and concerts. A great event was organized in New York for Keanu live concert and the performance of Keanu was incredible.

2014-07-07 23:20

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I like Woody Allen's work and I found this one quite optimistic: not very young woman and a man about her age found love by chance and young attractive people were not a threat.

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