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*rezzes in once again* I Have Returned!
2014-08-11 09:31

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*returns to familiar place on ceiling*

After over a year of absence, I have returned to this forum. Why was I gone? Well, about two months after my last post, my computer died and I lost ALL of my data, including my internet bookmarks. Since that was right before school started, I had lots of things to worry about and not much time to do what I needed to. Anyway, I've had some adventures between then and now, but I have returned! I have a new computer, and I have recovered most of my data from other places.

User: Spark has returned to Location: WINM. End of line.

Anakin McFly
2014-08-11 10:27


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Welcome back! I've missed you. :) Hope school is going well!
2014-08-11 11:00

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Thank you! I missed you all too. It is going well. I passed Calculus! I got a B-, but I passed! The fall semester starts on the 18th. I'm taking Intro to Philosophy, Intro to Psychology, and Chemistry. So my posts may be a little sporadic, but I will be here.
2014-08-11 15:22

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welcome back :)

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