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High School. . .Dahhh. . .
2015-01-07 19:42:42

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Anyone got any tips for dealing with a brand new iPod that's acting like it's demonically possessed? All I did was plug it into a speaker, same thing I've been doing for a week, put my playlist on, and about halfway through Lure the Wolf (song on the John Wick album) it starts flashing and won't let me unlock it or turn it off. If this is any sign as to how the rest of my days gonna go, I'm not looking forward to it.

Edit: Oh thank goodness it randomly started working again.

2015-01-21 04:28:55

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Didn't make Allstate, but there's always next year to try again.

I am though a merchant in the spring musical. No speaking parts, but I'll be in most of the songs and dances so that'll be fun. :)

2015-04-21 05:57:07

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RANDOM LIFE UPDATE!! You know just so you don't think I'm dead or lost interest or anything since I haven't been around much.

Gaaahhhhh so much has happened.

The musical was so much fun. I actually ended up being a man in it, and honestly "How's my mustache look?" Is the weirdest question I've ever had to ask someone. I already know that our fall play will be Charlotte's Web, and I'm really looking forward to it.

The SuperWhoLock fandom came in and overthrew my life. The Super is just kinda casual, the Who I've gotten merch for (Tenth Doctor cosplay dress and Tenth Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote.... That thing is just so awesome, I've randomly turned off so many people's tvs xD), and the Lock is the strongest, as I've read/written fanfic, gotten merch (cluedo, various phone cases, all three seasons, etc.) and just been generally obsessed with it.

Sherlock has strengthened my friendships, and two of my besties are hardcore into it as well.

I joined an app called WhoLock chat, and am role playing with several people from there.

I went to my first high school party, a cast party for the musical, and it was a ton of fun, even when it took us an hour to get the bonfire started.

I've made a great internet friend. He's from the UK and we met on WhoLock chat, and we've talked everyday now since then.

Joined my schools environmental team with some friends, and competed in the WV Envirothon just a few days ago (didn't win anything though)

Went straight from the Envirothon immediately after competition ended to the states 2015 Rotary Youth Leadership Awards. Made friends with an exchange student from Belgium, and largely increased my already existing interest in doing an exchange program (finally brought it up and my mother is strongly against it *sighs*)

Stressed slightly about my English midterm/project, which I'll have like an hour tomorrow to finish, and missed because of Envirothon.

Had no school today because my school had no power (thank you very much construction guys)

I'm a huge Benedict Cumberbatch fan now.

Awaiting the upcoming Band trip to Washington DC that we're going on this weekend.

Went to see Rain: A Tribute to the Beatles a few weeks ago. It was my first concert and I loved it, even bought some drumsticks.

Packaged meals for the Stop Hunger Now program while at RYLA, got to bang the gong at 10,000 (every time we reached a thousand someone got to hit the gong, and 10,000 was our goal. I felt accomplished)

Going camping with a group of friends in June a few days after school lets out.

Unfortunately, a few days after that one of those besties is moving to Texas. She's highly determined to not go anywhere.

The Imitation Game crushed my soul, and is one of the best movies I've ever seen (up there with Life of Pi) and I read the book as well. Feels. RIP Alan Turing.

Time zone differences suck.


Band festival is in three days *horrified look*

Okay, I think that's all. Have a most excellent day lovelies!

2015-06-10 08:00:35

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This seems to have become more of an online journal than a high school survival discussion, but oh well. Manure Occureth. It has evolved.

So my last day of freshman year is tomorrow. Just... Wow. It just went so so fast, and I feel like I've changed so much since first joining this site in early August of last year.

If anyone does actually read this though, I'd like to thank you for your existence, as strange as that probably sounds. And a huge thanks to Keanu for existing as well, or none of this would've come to be.

So.. Random updates on life.

I seem to have found my Virginian Counterpart. She is really just like an.. Updated version of me. It's great.

The Washington DC trip was fun. We saw Wicked in Baltimore the day the really intense rioting broke out - in the morning luckily. Saw all the monuments and memorials and everything. Flipped out when I saw double decker buses. Also flipped out because a Circle K was right across from our hotel.. :D

Been moved to Flute 1 for next years season *is ecstatic*. Our marching show is Beatle Mania!!

Should be taking my permit test soon. Dunno when.

The big camping trip is in just a few days. Should be interesting.

I GOT A DOG!!! We adopted five year old snuggles from a shelter barely a week ago, and he's already a huge part of the family for such a little guy.

I've started writing a novel. A trilogy actually. I have a plot, an outline, a crap ton of free time over the summer, and huge goals.

Hmm.. That's about it for now. Have a most excellent day Lovelies

2015-12-31 07:42:12

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I seem to be due in for one of those life updates younger me began doing. Apologies if it annoys anyone, just comment if it does and I'll take my random rambles elsewhere.

So let's see, where to begin. 2015 was some year.

British dude and I stopped talking. Wasn't any sort of falling out or anything, just sort of stopped speaking one day. Hurt at first, but as this was in the summer I'm officially over it now.

Started sophomore year, going well so far. Taking AP European History and all honors classes (besides math, I'll stick to basics and triangles, thank you very much scheduling). All A's so far, but I've really got to get better at studying for euro exams.

Actually felt prepared for band camp this year, got moved up to flute 1 alongside a junior and senior. Played Beatles marching show. Was very happy.

skip if different sexualities aren't your thing figured myself out, homoromantic asexual, out to a few friends most of the internet and no family

Befriended a group of seniors. The piccolo of the band, who is also in my euro class, tried to set me up with one of her friends supposedly due to our shared interest in wholock but in reality because she wanted him to stop chasing after her. Needless to say I try to avoid the drama of the group.

Got a boyfriend. Yes, after realizing I'm gay, no it's not the guy she tried to set me up with. It's another guy in our group, who is more of a best friend to me than anything else (yes it's complicated yes I'm working it out yes he's aware I'm gay).

Got a speaking role in the fall play, Charlotte's Web. Nothing big, I was one of Charlotte's children, Nellie. But still. The spring musical is going to be Honk, a modern retelling of the ugly duckling, and I've got goals.

Saw the new Star Wars movie with the guys (aka the five senior dudes I'm now friends with) and all I have to say is SOLO YOU IDIOT WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Am extremely happy I met and became friends with these awesome people, going to miss them when they go to college next year.

Still working on those same roleplays.

Haven't updated any of my fanfics for over a year now, feel like a slightly horrible person for it (but not horrible enough to update apparently).

Actually started writing a book series, which I've said I was going to do before but never really got around to starting until now.

Awesome new phone compatible with my prepay plan \o/

Applying to my state's Governer's School for the Arts (GSA) which is a three week summer camp type thing.

Had a surprise sweet sixteen about a month before my birthday. Still amazed none of my friends let slip in advance.

Had a pretty successful Christmas as well, Xbox One, rockband 4, laptop (which I'm using to write said book series) Digital Cinematography book, and a whole lot of Doctor Who merch.

Spent so long typing this I forgot what I actually intended to say.

But yeah, been a fantastic 2015.

Happy slightly early New year, and I wish an even more fantastic 2016 to you all!

Oh yeah, and SHERLOCK SPECIAL ON THE FIRST. YAAAAASSSSSS. (That reminds me of the cardboard Benedict Cumberbatch standing in my room... heh..)

2015-12-31 10:31:28

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Thanks for the update! Good for you!
Anakin McFly
2016-01-01 16:09:38


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Thanks for sharing! And YES SHERLOCK
2016-07-23 11:35:15

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I'm baaaaaaaack!

Hello everyone! Not too much to tell here, but I haven't been on in awhile so might as well.

It's quickly approaching two years since I joined, and I've hit a lag with my availability of unseen Keanu movies

So, where to start, where to start. Had a mutual breakup with the dude I was dating not too long after it started, wasn't really feeling it (not surprising). The guys all graduated and have gone off to school which kinda sucks as I'm now back to having no social life on the weekends.

I do however now have a truly wonderful, words alone cannot describe, girlfriend. Back in June 2015 in one of these i mentioned discovering I had a "Virginian counterpart". Well, after over a year of us both being chickens, we are officially official (though it's a secret from most). I am incapable of expressing how happy I am, just, yeah.

Star Wars has moved itself into my brain and seems to have settled down for a couple drinks and a new fandom. Also, Mark hamill is awesome, pure fact. (Also, why does everyone hate the prequels?? It's like how most people don't like the matrix sequels. I don't get it.)

My friend will be housing exchange students soon, which is cool and I nice opportunity to make more friends.

I'm starting Junior year in less than a month (and trying for piccolo in band). Where does the time go??

Anyway, hope you all are doing well and continue to do well

2016-07-29 22:08:00

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Very very happy for you and glad to see you again. Be who you are, enjoy life!

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