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A Poem Inspired by An Actor, A Man.
2015-04-20 13:46:46

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Hello you lovely peoples XD. I wrote this tonight (well early morning), and i wanted to share it with you! I hope this isn't found to be disrespectful or bothersome in anyway. This poem is written for and inspired by Keanu Reeves.

The Well Known Unknown Man

He walks this world
never belonging
to one place,
moving at his own pace.

With charm he speaks,
with reserved style
he seeks
to greet others

Many have seen his face
Many have heard his name
Yet he remains,
through the fame,

Whether good or bad,
nice or mean,
he carries himself
,seemingly, with honesty.

Others wish to defend,
Some wish to condemn,
never ceasing their criticism
of the work,
of him.

Of course
He goes about
his own
chosen route,
with gumption
regardless of what they say.
He does as he may.

A man
with pensive eyes
a genuine smile
which shines,
questioning why.
Who he is
is irrevelent
to what he will leave behind.

The art.
The heart.
The skill.
The music.
I will remember.

I will endevor
to see more.
The strength.
The gentleness.
The plethora
of skills hidden
beneath the shell
worn as a wall
to protect from all
who search and wait
for his fall.

I do not know him
He does not know me
this poem, perhaps,
he will never read.

Though you might not care
Maybe it isn't rare
These words
These thoughts
are true
from a sincere
point-of- view.

Your actions.
Your talents.
Your motivations.
Have fueled my few aspirations,
and added to my determination.

If ever you feel down
or as if the world
looks upon you as a clown
know who you are
know that you are cared for
know that you are loved.

If no one tries to understand
or is unwilling to lend a hand
Through it all be yourself
the well known unknown man.

By Silver
04/20/2015 12:41am

Misty2015-04-20 21:07:15

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This is beautiful!
2015-04-21 06:05:55

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That's great Silver! Some of the best things come out of the odd hours of the night.

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