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Keanu Appreciation
Amy Farrah Fowler2016-05-28 11:12:02

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I just wanted to say tonight how happy I am that Keanu is a good person and he is in the world. This may sound like a strange and oddly emotional thing to say but sometimes there are emotional days when we lose a bit of hope that there are good people out there.

Some days it seems like everyone is rude to us, we lack support from friends and family, the news is filled with horrible violent acts and all of our favorite people have let us down. On these days it is SO important to know there is still someone we like and respect out there in the world even if we do not have the good fortune to know this person ourselves. And just maybe if there is still one good person out there then there are many other good people out there too and they just have not shown up today!

So thank you Keanu for being that one good person today! It might not seem like a lot but some days it makes all the difference in the world!

Monica452016-06-21 04:29:10

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....Awesome shout out to Mr Reeves! You're a great fan-friend!

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