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Anakin McFly
2017-09-20 10:30:34


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I didn't even know this movie existed until I went to check Keanu's IMDb profile. o_o

2022-06-25 05:56:00

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I just watched this on Netflix, Keanu plays himself but has an extremely short screen time (I think it's less than a minute)
It's basically a teen movie about these guys who get to housesit Keanu's Malibu house for a few days, but the funny thing is that I picked up a lot of Keanu references throughout, dunno if they were intentional... Such as:
-They explicitly mention the movie 'The matrix'
-One of the main characters is named Johnny and is a surfer
-When the narrator is talking about Keanu's house for the first time they say that something 'excellent' was going to happen
-Another character sings a song that repeatedly has the word 'whoa' in the lyrics
I think there were a couple more but I can't remember now...

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