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Something's Gotta Give
2018-06-06 00:25:02

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Didn't see a thread on this, so...

Finally watched it all the way through, and boy howdy did Keanu steal the entire movie right out from under Jack Nicholson's feet. Granted, Nicholson was giving an incredibly lazy, undisciplined performance (and, not for nothing, Keaton was oddly and annoyingly histrionic at points). But even if Nicholson had been in top acting form, a la "As Good as It Gets," I still would've wondered why Diane Keaton's character made the choice she did at the end of the movie. Keanu was absolutely perfect in this, and he was so much more emotionally awake that he made Nicholson appear half-dead. I can recommend this one for Keanu scenes only.

anna2019-02-09 19:27:05

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im a keanu fan from australia
i will try to find it and youtube and watch it
i have seen most of keanu movies that come out in australia

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