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Scammers on the lose
Anakin McFly
2018-07-04 16:36:51


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Link via LucaM:

The account in question is

I followed them but got no reply. :(

Jeannette27$$2021-08-06 14:41:02

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Had Scammer say he was Keanu in Instagram and to go to WhatsApp. I did not believe it and kept asking questions, he got all right. But then asked for 1500 to join some membership which I knew was fake. Told me he would have his lawyer reach out to me. Guy emails I knew from the get go he was not a lawyer. I spoke to Scammer starts sending me photos but never wants to call me. Then tells me to join with a temporary membership for 500. I knew it was not Keanu. Made me sad for him that people do this to him
The_only_froggiealicia2021-10-19 02:48:45

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I had a fake KCR request to follow me on Twitter then asked me to follow him over to Skpe.
I wanted to post a screenshot here, but don't see a place to. Just wanted you to know an imposter is trolling both those platforms.

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