The most important thing in life is showing up
The story of ten kids and a coach who never had a chance... until they took a chance on each other.

Hardball (2001)

Director:Brian Robbins
Writers:Daniel Coyle (book)
John Gatins (screenplay)
Runtime:106 min (109 in Spanish cut)
Script:1999 Draft
Articles:Focus: 'Hardball'
Tagged 'Hardball'
Keanu ReevesConor O'Neill
Diane LaneElizabeth Wilkes
John HawkesTicky Tobin
Bryan HearneAndre Ray Peetes (as Bryan C. Hearne)
Julian GriffithJefferson Albert Tibbs
Michael B. JordanJamal (as Michael Jordan)
A. Delon Ellis Jr.Miles Pennfield II
Kristopher LoftonClarence
Michael PerkinsKofi Evans
Brian M. ReedRaymond 'Ray Ray' Bennet
DeWayne WarrenJarius 'G-Baby' Evans


Based loosely on the Daniel Coyle non-fiction book 'Hardball: A Season in the Projects' (and sued for slander and misrepresentation by the subject of said book), the film follows compulsive gambler and drinker Conor O'Neill through the pit that is his pathetic life as he gets himself further and further into debt and more broke than it is chemically possible to get (I suck at summaries. I need to entertain myself by adding bits that don't make any sense at all. Tea.). One day, O'Neill reluctantly agrees to coach a children's baseball team in order to pay off that debt - because the alternative is to get slaughtered by people who would like their money back - and in the course of spending time with the kids - and their teacher, Ms. Wilkes - learns to better appreciate life and become a better person.

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