If you've done the time. Do the crime.

Henry's Crime (2010)


Director:Malcolm Venville
Writers:Sacha Gervasi
Runtime:108 min
Script:Unknown Draft
Articles:Focus: 'Henry's Crime'
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Keanu ReevesHenry Torne
Vera FarmigaJulie Ivanova
James CaanMax Saltzman
Fisher StevensEddie Vibes
Danny HochJoe
Bill DukeFrank
Allel AimichePierre
Peter StomareDarek Millodragovic


"Keanu Reeves plays a Buffalo toll booth attendant in the middle of an existential crisis" ... "a zany sounding rom-com with literary allusions, crime drama shades and a protagonist confronting same major life-altering issues"

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Haha (2018-02-11 12:44:21)

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Great comedic timing from most of the actors. It is charming.

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