Henry Torne

Henry's Crime (2010)

Your dream is your truth is your destiny

Occupation:Toll booth attendant
What He Taught Us:If you've done the time, do the crime

Keanu Reeves

I liked his journey. I liked this guy who was kind of at the end of the world... You know, we find him at a toll booth, and he's neither asleep nor awake. And we find out he's a man with no dream, a man who has always just gone along with a kind of quiet dissatisfaction, but through zany circumstances ends up looking to change his life by robbing a bank. I thought that was funny. And then I thought having to play Lopakhin, having to go on stage in an odd way... there's a lot about identity in the film, and developing and evolving. Part of that is being stuck and how we need help to break out of that. And I liked where he ends up - he ends up in love and having to try and win the girl.

Anakin McFly

Henry starts off as this quiet, unassuming, unconfrontational guy kind of drifting through life. He's an extremely passive person: he doesn't do things, he just lets things happen to him, joys and tragedies never seeming to fully register. He's closed off to all of that and goes through each day resigned to whatever the world throws at him, going with the flow, never standing up for himself but not being an active doormat either. He's barely living, numb to everything, watching other people's lives go by, and it takes something big to shake all that up.


I know someone like Henry in real life. Maybe that is why I love this character. Not asleep nor awake, he had never fight for something simply because he had never had a chance to find something worthy to fight for ... until he met his muse! From there, suddenly the story becomes increasingly interesting and amusing. Oh, and I loooove the ending.