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River's Edge (1986)

Year Filmed:1986
Director:Tim Hunter
Writers:Neal Jimenez
Runtime:99 min
Articles:Focus: 'River's Edge'
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Crispin GloverLayne
Keanu ReevesMatt
Ione SkyeClarissa (as Ione Skye Leitch)
Daniel RoebuckSamson 'John' Tollet
Dennis HopperFeck
Joshua John MillerTim (as Joshua Miller)
Roxana ZalTony
Phil BrockMike
Tom BowerBennett
Constance ForslundMadeleine
Leo RossiJim
Jim MetzlerMr. Burkewaite
Tammy SmithKim
Danyi DeatsJamie


When a teenage girl named Jamie is found murdered by the river's edge, the friends of the murderer and victim don't seem particularly disturbed by it. Most agree to cover it up and get on with life; Matt is however the most conscience-stricken of the lot, and after much angst decides to take the case to the police.

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mistyAbsolutely one of his beautiful performances (2014-11-20 21:41:05)

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This is the film where you can see his range of emotions. An authentic example of good acting capabilities. There were moments when you could see Matt withheld his feelings and tried not be involved, like conversations in the car. There were moments when he felt stuck, confused, then exploded, like interrogation scene in the police office. Also look how he treated his little sister with much better care than his attitude towards his parents, which implied his skepticism towards adults life. Partially, this film shows how unrestrained was Keanu performance, back in the days before he becomes famous with all of the expectations and pressure for being a celebrity. I think, this film tells an "ugly" story with a beautiful delivery.

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