River's Edge (1986)

Down by the river

Distinguishing Feature:Crispin Glover
What He Taught Us:'Food eater' is the best insult ever

Anakin McFly

Like most teenagers out there, Matt's frustrated with life and feels misunderstood and neglected. Sometimes he feels like the only sane one around whom no one else understands. Injustice in his own life makes him want to put things right where he can and not cause more problems. He's disillusioned with the world and rebels against it; yet his rebellion is more borne out of a dissatisfaction with life and its stupidities rather than out of a desire to look cool.

He feels responsible for his siblings, seeing as how their mother isn't doing that good of a job. He cares especially for his younger sister, and doesn't like the idea of her having to grow up in the present society; even while he knows that it is that society that has made him and is what gives him his identity and security in knowing his place in life.