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27 banks in three years - anything to catch the perfect wave!

Point Break (1991)


Year Filmed:1990
Director:Kathryn Bigelow
Writers:Rick King (story)
W. Peter Iliff (story & screenplay)
Runtime:120 min
Script:Unknown Draft
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Patrick SwayzeBodhi
Keanu ReevesJohnny Utah
Gary BuseyPappas
Lori PettyTyler
John C. McGinleyBen Harp (also as John McGinley)
James LeGrosRoach (as James Le Gros)
John PhilbinNathanial
Bojesse ChristopherGrommet
Julian ReyesAlvarez
Daniel BeerBabbit
Chris PedersenBunker
Vincent KlynWarchild
Anthony KiedisTone
Dave OlsonArchbold
Lee TergesenRosie


FBI agent Johnny Utah goes undercover as a surfer in order to catch a bunch of surfing bank robbers known as the Ex-Presidents.

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Works for an Action flick (2018-02-11 12:12:42)

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If you broke the plot of this movie down to the basic, it seems kind of bad.

A FBI agent (with a state's name for a name) has to go undercover as a surfer in order to find some bank robbers...

Lol, but it actually works for an action flick.

Keanu Reeves plays Utah, a young former footballer turned FBI agent.

The movie is good for a watch with friends and some popcorn. No need to take it too seriously.

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