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silverOk Let's See (2022-01-04 02:05:23)

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Since I can't Review Matrix 4 Yet(What is this "Spoiler" Protection?) , I'm going to review "The Watcher", pretty much as I watch it for the first time.

Ok Let's see...So far the editing I see is supposed to seemingly disoriented, but it just reminds of a cheap MTV-esque music video.
Rob Zombie song, I dig the choice.
Marisa Tomei, I dig the choice.
Dutch Angles?...I don't dig.
Keanu is creepy, but cringe creepy, NOT Scary creepy so far.
Ernie Hudson? I dig the choice.
I'm going to be honest, as of now, this isn't holding my attention. I'm skipping a little.

What is good about Reeves' portrayal, is the eye work he does. The character likes to sit back and observe the results of his actions, and Reeve's shows that easily.

Some how this movie doesn't build up the Action or thrill at all for. It really seems like something you'd find on MTV if they did movies. A quick movie with quick cuts and a few Dutch Angles. The lead Detective played well, if only one note.

5.5/10 . Watch it once, and done.

Br0nz18The Watcher (2010-06-14 16:00:14)

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My overwhelming impression is that Keanu made this movie creepy. His gorgeous smile was there, the little habits and quirks that you see in other movies...but he is a baaaad man in this, so his charm + nasty = creepy.
Although I knew he'd die/get caught in the end (the plot is none-too-original) there is still a sense of tension about just how far David Allen Griffin will go before he is caught/killed.
I liked the flashback/dreams as they gave clues to the backstory.
There was sufficient sympathy given to the victims, quite pretty women who are isolated, often by choice. The tension around the search for the camera shop girl was could hope they'd find her but...
I watched this also with "The Gift" in mind, seeing how playing the bad guy here gave Kenau experience for Donnie Barksdale, and looking for any links, interpretation-wise.
Will definitely watch it again.