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Watcher, The (2000)

Year Filmed:1999-2000
Director:Joe Charbanic
Writers:Darcy Meyers & David Elliot (story)
David Elliot & Clay Ayers (screenplay)
Runtime:97 min
Script:8th Revised Draft (1999)
Articles:Focus: 'Watcher, The'
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Keanu ReevesDavid Allen Griffin
Marisa TomeiDr. Polly Beilman
Ernie HudsonIbby
Chris EllisHollis
Robert CicchiniMitch Casper
Yvonne NiamiLisa Anton
Jenny McShaneDiana (as Jennifer McShane)
Gina AlexanderSharon
Rebekah Louise SmithEllie
Jill PetersonJessica (as Jillian Peterson)
Joseph SikoraSkater (as Joe Sikora)


Serial killer stalks cop. Cop angst. Serial killer serially kills. Cop angsts more. Serial killer sends pictures of future victims to cop, because he is considerate that way. Cop angsts even more.

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Br0nz18The Watcher (2010-06-14 16:00:14)

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My overwhelming impression is that Keanu made this movie creepy. His gorgeous smile was there, the little habits and quirks that you see in other movies...but he is a baaaad man in this, so his charm + nasty = creepy.
Although I knew he'd die/get caught in the end (the plot is none-too-original) there is still a sense of tension about just how far David Allen Griffin will go before he is caught/killed.
I liked the flashback/dreams as they gave clues to the backstory.
There was sufficient sympathy given to the victims, quite pretty women who are isolated, often by choice. The tension around the search for the camera shop girl was could hope they'd find her but...
I watched this also with "The Gift" in mind, seeing how playing the bad guy here gave Kenau experience for Donnie Barksdale, and looking for any links, interpretation-wise.
Will definitely watch it again.

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