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silverA good popcorn movie. (2017-03-16 12:43:04)

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As this movie was based off of a well known passed down story, I didn't like how it was executed. If it were just a story written up for a move, and had no cultural background, it would have been better in my eyes. Even I (an American female, with no known ties to Japanese culture) knew of this story since perhaps High School, which was about 11 years ago.

Keanu shows a pretty decent amount of skill in the style of acting that is required of someone in this type of film. What I noticed about Japanese movies is that even when the movie is an action, there's a soulful nuance in the performance. Every expression, every movement has meaning.

The romance angle was nice (while not entirely unexpected.), and who doesn't like to see Keanu play a character who's in love?

This is a good popcorn movie.