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silverVisually Lovely (2018-02-11 12:35:18)

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What an interesting choice for casting they did for this movie. Keanu Reeves playing the person who became the Buddha. The look of the film really goes all out. When the scene looks down trodden, it really goes bleak, but when the scene looks warm and happy it really goes extravagant. Keanu is one of a few actors out of the few actors who went under such a physical change for roles, who didn't get much recognition for that difficult feat. Dear I say that Keanu looked beautiful in this role.
I like the story about finding the new Buddha, however it seemed like the story could have been told during a T.V. show length and not a feature movie length endeavor.
If you want to see visually lovely film, or if you want to see Keanu in a role that took spirituality and pushed it to the forefront, this movie could be for you.
ARYAHow I see Little Buddha (2012-12-28 08:05:19)

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I have been viewing this movie on DVD for 7 years now and I still find it uplifting and enlightening. The story/myth Bertolucci & the script writers wrote mixed the old and the new very effectively. The movie is visually exquisite as is the sound track and score. It is rare to get so much spiritual and philosophical information in a Hollywood movie. I recommend Little Buddha for anyone who is interested in cultural ideas and spirituality. A wonderful family movie. Keanu Reeves makes it a draw and to see him in such a historical role makes it all the more watchable for everyone, not just those interested in Buddhism, Bertolucci, or Keanu Reeves. :)
LucaM (2009-06-06 00:58:30)

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some movie critic called this "Bertolucci's splendid mistake". it's one of the rare cases I agree with critics...

but the cinematography's wonderful.

and it's not a movie, it's a tale within a tale within a tale.

and yes, Siddartha's orange ;) :))