"...the facial hair is a real turn-off. A gorgeous face but he insist on hiding it. It just ain't right...I don't care how you look at it. It's like putting pants on The David."

- lflipout on Keanu



Alternate Fishing Wharfs

Club Keanu - "The One Source"
Semi-private site, frequently updated with news and sightings. Extensive members-only gallery with lots of candids and photoshoots.

Keanu Reeves Network - "Your #1 Keanu Reeves Source Since 2002"
The site seems to be having some hosting trouble at the moment, but hopefully that will get resolved soon! News updates several times a month. Semi-private gallery with the largest selection of movie screencaps; lots of other photos as well.

Keanu Russian Club - "Keanu Reeves Russian Edition"
Russian fan community built on a social media platform. Gigantic photo gallery. I compiled links to their albums in English.

Keanumania - "Todo Keanu. Todo en espanol"
Spanish fan site. Regular news updates, members-only gallery.


Main Pond
Open 24/7, 365-and-a-quarter days a year. Fish activity heats up greatly around early September especially on the second. The variety is wide, so grab some bait and take your pick.

The Day the Earth Stood Still Pond
Somewhat slowed down since the release of the film, this pond can nonetheless still give a pretty good catch of the Lame Geek variety. Lots of Tedfish and Termites abound as well. Plus, the nature of the water causes most of them to stand still, making the fish possible to catch by hand.

A Scanner Darkly Pond
One of the rare spots where Reasonable Fish can be found.

Matrix Pond
Here the waters are still and the fish are few, although activity has seen an unexpected rise in the past few weeks. Nonetheless, this level of peace is still rare. Stick a fishing rod in the water, then kick back and enjoy the scenery.

Constantine Pond
Also a quiet pond, this is another breeding ground of the Lame Geek Fish.


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My Instances of Keanu Betrayal

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