"...the facial hair is a real turn-off. A gorgeous face but he insists on hiding it. It just ain't right...I don't care how you look at it. It's like putting pants on The David." – lflipout on Keanu

nelson moss

Frequently-updated news-focused fansite with film updates, Keanu-sightings and various photos.

Keanu Reeves Online

New fansite with a big photo gallery.

Gayriresmi: Keanu Reeves Online

Unofficial Facebook fan page

Keanu Russian Club

Russian fan community built on a social media platform. Gigantic photo gallery. I compiled links to their albums in English.

Texts From Keanuspawn

Because his characters lead fascinating secret lives.

The Not-Particularly-Excellent Adventures of the Keanuspawn

Trap 75% of Keanu's characters on a floor of a hotel in an isolated bubble of hyperspace, and watch the sparks fly...