LucaM's Character Notes

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John Wall – Generation Um (2012)
Distinguishing feature: looking for clarity.

He's that guy. With the fish - only he stole himself a fishing rod.

Nelson Moss – Sweet November (2001)
"I AM Nelson Moss!" -- a certain way, there's nothing wrong with being Nelson Moss, as long as there'll be a Sara Deever to act as a guiding compass... Nelson Moss was intense, driven, hard-working, self-willed, obsessed with his work to the very detail, because he thought -- or convinced himself- that his work, the results and the awards and the reputation, all that define himself. He identified with the image of himself seen in the mirror and in other people's minds. His arrogance was just a mask --to hide his discomfort around people who contradicted his choices or his self-imposed way of life. He had all the right qualities, but used them for the ...wouldn't say 'wrong', but "mistaken' goal. He refused to feel or allow other people's feelings get to him, because he suffered too much as a child --and the irony is he was just a collateral victim of his father's 'failure' .

but then, living up to that image created by himself takes too much of his energy, and the mirror cracks. All he needed was a keen eye to see his potential and a catalyst to redirect it and put his qualities to good use -- learning how to be himself. and when he does that, he's not only transformed, but in return affects also the ones around him in a positive way. it's kind of a 'boomerang effect' Sara had her own problems with facing reality; she 'saved' him but in return he 'saved' her...