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John Rain

2014-08-20 03:35

This guy doesn't stop working or looking for work. I'm really excited about this project even though I have not read the books.
John Rain

2014-08-20 03:21


In the books, Rain is half Japanese, half Caucasian-American, but looks mostly Japanese (in part because of a little long-ago plastic surgery around the eyes, intended to help him blend in Tokyo). Certainly there’s some Asian heritage in Keanu’s features, but he’s not going to pass for Japanese the way the Rain of the novels does. But that’s okay: what’s vital to the character, IMO, is his sense of dislocation, his alienation, his longing to belong coupled with his inability to do so

47 Ronin

2014-04-07 01:09

Thank you, I like the scene "Mika Attemps To Poison Lord Kira"

I do not know if you've seen this interview, he is questioned about a fight, an enemy, a weapon, a ritual and a limit.

He reminds me of this great champion Rafael Nadal who has tics before each point.

Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2014-04-06 01:17

I have seen all the Saw and actually like them, they look so fake it becomes quite funny. But Hostel, I had to try several times to see the movie until the end. It freaked me out.
I think Eli Roth likes to show human folly with a gore aspect. But he says the movie will not be horror, so the message could be: stay faithful to your wife, don't cheat with two pretty girls xD
Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2014-04-05 16:01

Ladies and gentlemen Death Game
Keanu Reeves Starring in 'Knock Knock' Thriller for Eli Roth

2014-04-05 15:59

I wanted to make a movie like Roman Polanski or Paul Verhoeven made when they were young, a classic psychosexual thriller

Their films are considered as masterpieces, oppressive with a distressed atmosphere.
This is the kind of movies I hardly watch more than once or not at all. IMO, these movies are weird, kitsch and perverse LOL

Well then, Keanu really goes to dark and disturbing roles now.

47 Ronin

2014-03-31 23:54



47 Ronin

2014-03-31 23:51


Keanu Reeves: "I’m just a guy from the Star Wars generation"

Keanu Reeves is back in great shape with two films under his belt: 47 Ronin in theaters Wednesday and Man of Tai Chi the April 30. While in Paris, the actor spoke about these two very personal projects.
Two martial arts films in the same year ... Where does this passion come from?
Surely my childhood. I watched a bunch of kung-fu movies, fighting ... I always loved action and adventure movies. At that time, I wanted to go into space, fight, do stuff like this (he gestures in vacuum and laughs). However, I've never really been a fan of a hero in particular. I'm just a guy from the Star Wars generation and Excalibur.
You are Kai in 47 Ronin, a half blood taken by samurai. What attracted you to this project?
His ambition. I am very attracted by the stories of honor and sacrifice, with the backdrop of an impossible love. A little like Romeo and Juliet. My character wants to connect to a group, and by extension, the world. He wants to change his life and doesn’t always control things. He must fight against the prejudices of each other and impose himself. This makes it a universal man with modern concerns where things are never won beforehand. I recognize myself in his state of mind.
Man of Tai Chi marks your first time behind the camera. Was it a way to reconnect to your Asian roots?
To be honest, I have not looked at it that way. That said, in China, I was surprised to be so comfortable. I felt good and I do not know if that had something to do with Chinese root. I was not really digging, as you say, an aspect of my personality. (He thinks) I have always been attracted to the East: his haiku, books, Buddhism, philosophy, the quest for understanding the energies that make up the body...
Why did you wait so long before directing?
I am in the business for a while now. It's very simple, I arrived at that moment where I wanted to do it. Develop a story, direct it. And there I worked in excellent condition as we had 100 days of shooting. This allowed me to fine-tuned fight sequences and put them by using different techniques. I really hope to repeat this experience.
Unlike 47 Ronin, you play a villain in Man of Tai Chi who organizes fights to the death. And it is rare with you!
Isn’t it (laughs). I loved it. The villains are great to interpret because they know what they want. They have little or no hesitation. They are the kind to shout: I want! (he takes an angry face).
Do you practice a martial art in everyday life?
Absolutely not. I only know kung fu movie and it takes a lot of training beforehand. I’ve experience of action. Younger, I did a lot of sport. But not anymore. Let’s say in the movies, I love the physical acting as would say Harrison Ford. Tom Cruise is like that too. He jumps and runs for a long time (laughs).
A new trilogy Matrix is developing and a remake of Point Break in preparation. What do you think?
I have not heard anything about Matrix. It’s funny ... (thinking) For Point Break, they will not make a remake itself, but reinvent the story. It will be a different story with an old title. I wish them good luck.

in Paris

2014-03-22 01:20


His answers are subtitled, so you can hear his voice :)

in Paris

2014-03-21 04:46

You're welcome Arya

Here's the interview at Le 19:45

Well,Xavier didn't ask good questions and there're some translation problems but Keanu has an unbelievable class.

Too bad he didn't go to Le Grand Journal

Actually he recorded Le Grand Journal yesterday. broadcast very soon

in Paris

2014-03-21 01:40

with a journalist


in Paris

2014-03-20 05:48


Thanks to VK for the news

Keanu will be in two TV shows on March 20: the 19/45 which is quite serious and Le Grand Journal, which is pretty funny.
I can not wait to watch Le Grand Journal, the presenter usually asks crazy questions!

Bits and snippets off the web

2014-03-02 20:04


Jared Leto gave a funny speech

47 Ronin

2013-10-22 00:52

Arrrrgh 47 Ronins has been postponed to April 2 in my country ! The dvd might come out at the same time...
I'm frustrated, I was hoping to see Keanu on big screen this year!
Just a rant, sorry
Keanu wearing a Wedding band?

2013-10-12 23:16

During the filming of Devil's Advocate, he also had all the time a wedding band.

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